Strange problem with autofocus

Running os 10…11.3
Max 7.2.0
Ableton 9.5

When I try to add a new max4live patch to a set I have going there is just the “none” in the dropdown box. Then I click the edit button and the monomes appear in the dropdown box in edit mode. Go back to normal view and they disappear. Grrrrrrrrr

does clicking “none” give a refresh?

No it does not. It seems to be a glitch in that particular set. I cannot recreate the issue in a new set presently. If it reappears I will update.

I thought perhaps @chapelierfou’s new patch SLPatterns may have had something to do with it. I added autofocus to his patch in my copy paste method and took from polygnome’s code. This is the only new patch I implemented and then the strangeness happened.

I am building a new set right now and so far everything is normal. I haven’t added re:mix to it yet though.

My blind guess is there is a live.thisdevice connected to some objects populating the menu, and the first output should be connected but currently this is the 2nd or 3rd (which outputs a bang only when the patcher is edited).

Hmmmmmmm, one day I will know Max better! Then I will be happy.:grin:

Wait…was that actually the problem ?

As of right now I have no idea! It hasn’t appeared again so I will not be worrying about it at this juncture.