Strangest/weirdest eurorack modules you've ever seen?

looking to fill out my isms with weird weird shit. not so weird i guess would also be a nice kalimba module. super excited to hear if anyone has any links or videos to funny stuff?

i saw an hourglass somewhere with a light sensor, an embedded game boy, and of course the recent box of dirt:


Maybe not weird enough for you, but strange, massively intriguing, and with it’s own aesthetic is this:
Will order one as soon as I have some cash.


i do not own any modular stuff (yet), but the gieskes modules @glia mentioned in another thread look weird…


Maybe not so weird, but I think “Klangbau” [a small local manufacturer here in cologne] has nice modules too:


A kalimba module

That would sound really nice with the Zularic Repetitor/Mutable Instruments Rings combo.
Although you could probably easily reproduce the Zularic patterns using Teletype.

Bastl Instruments has some lovely stuff, including modules for activating solenoids, so you can modularize acoustic instruments.

In a completely different direction, the 4MS Spectral Multiband Resonator is capable of all sorts of insanity.

I’ve already got plans for two cases, even though I have yet to assemble my first DIY module. I’m going to try to DIY as much as I can for two reasons: I’d like to design my own modules eventually, and I’m going to have to make at least a minimal effort to keep costs down, because this shit is addictive.


aforementioned ieaskul f. mobenthey and gieskes, his latest invention is a voltage controlled water pump module: gieskes dep2b is wonderful, if you can find one.

i’ve been pretty skeptical towards folktek stuff but the video demo for matter totally won me over. looking forward to learning more about it.

some individual modules (not sure how deep some of these are, so might not fit!)

make noise phonogene:
music thing mikrophonie:
music thing radio music:

synthtech e950, ‘circuit bent’ speak and spell in a module

soundmachines bi1brainterface could be an interesting pairing with teletype:

special stage systems ming mecca, brilliant concept (voltage controllable video games).
i’d love to build a system with ming mecca and teletype one day…


It may not be “weird” but I can strongly recommend adding at least one Radio Music module to your -isms.

That way you can incorporate all manner of strange/weird sounds and samples into your music.

I’d recommend against adding a bottle opener.

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this is probably the weirdest thing i’ve seen. not sure if that is a recommendation exactly.

(edit) oh! good!

(edit) man, i’m dumb, didn’t even realize jay already linked this stuff in the top post.


some nice bedtime reading. Is this the inevitable destination for any brain that gorges on emacs, embedded DSP & horror movies!?


Open Source Modular Analog Video Processor

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It definitely matters what you consider weird. Some might say a wavetable oscillator is weird like the Piston Honda; others might say the Wogglebug. I think the weirdest, new result at every turn module I’ve personally used is the 4ms Noise Swash. Audio and CV, both all over the place in a very fun way. I think second on the list for me would be the ADDAC Marble Physics, which simulates a a marble on a 2D plane that generates CV and you can control the actual physics of it in very interesting ways.

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woah! the marble physics module sounds amazing!!!


-many mentioned already… I clearly had nothing better to do that day…

that synkie rig is amazing… so alive -chaotic, any still would be a work of art. really dig the creative use of objects and feedback “live” as it were. was. is… ?

that ming mecca thing is the business.
now seriously considering attempting to find one.
though the video equation gizmo is more in line with what I could possibly afford…

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that’s what i’m talking about!!!

Modulargrid? Can you share the link?

  • link to modular grid…

Hey man, clicked on the link to check it out but seems to be down on modulargrid? Id love to check that rack out looks insane haha.

If you’re trying to figure out what’s what, most of those pictured are builders mentioned above in this thread; lots of Gieskes, the ERD/Microresearch guy, Error Instruments, Folktek, Ciat Lombarde/IFM, Meng Qi, Frap Tools (odd inclusion, as there’s nothing weird about them), and some I can’t ID; others probably can.