Stray wool - House

A few weeks ago we left London for the first time in 6 months, and spent a week in the countryside. I didn’t take much gear, only a Fates + Grid, a Zoom H4n, a Walkman + microcassette, and an OP-1.

We stayed at this enormous house where we had something like 4 free rooms which we never used, and I ended up setting up on a table in the main sitting room - it was a bit silly, if I think about it.

I had thought about using Jogging House’s Reel Feels samples exclusively, and by the end of the week hadn’t even turned on the OP-1. All of this was cut and sequenced in Cheat Codes, and recorded straight to the Zoom. I recorded 1 track each night, and a week or so ago edited it down and released to Bandcamp (and this is somehow my 5th release this year!)

This wouldn’t exist without the incredible generosity of @dan_derks and @boboter - thank you.


So cool @pfig. Congrats on a wonderful release!


wowow, super gorgeous and meditative sessions, Pedro! a lovely early-evening listen. deeply appreciative of your energy and that you spent this time with the script – it’s super meaningful to me :slight_smile:

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nice work :slightly_smiling_face:


This is dope

Apparently emoji are good at taking up characters?


No editing, it was all done in Cheat Codes. Used Live to add fades and eq/levels with Ozone.

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Thank you all for your kind words :slight_smile:

@dan_derks Cheat Codes has held things together for me for the past couple of months, it truly is a wonderful instrument.

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