Stray wool - You were away

This is my 2nd proper release, and the first in 10 years - I had been struggling with it for a bit, but the last push came from @kveye and everyone in What are you struggling with right now?

If you do not release you get 1 listen, everything else is more than that.

I recorded these tracks in Spring 2018 while dealing with some incredibly hard stuff, and I guess it shows. Once I was done with the recording, I couldn’t face any more time with them, so I just… left them behind, and didn’t think I would ever release them. Then a couple of months ago my laptop died, and when restoring the music folder I noticed them.

Other than a couple of field recordings and samples, everything was done in VCV Rack - it’s mostly floating samples and layers of Rings and LFOs - I wish I had a great story to tell about the process, but what happened was… I was incredibly sad.

I re-recorded the 3rd track, but other than that all I had left to do was mastering, which I did as lightly as I could, as I don’t know much about it.

This release wouldn’t have happened without Lines - thank you.


Really enjoyed that. Thank you for sharing.

Beautiful music Pedro, superb. I’m sure to revisit this album many more times.

Really enjoying this, Pedro.

Thank you all, I’m very happy you like it. Don’t have many words now :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for sharing! I was listening to it at work yesterday and will do it again today :slight_smile: