Streamdeck for the DAW

Just curious if anyone has used an Elgato Streamdeck as a DAW controller. I came across these Cubase profiles and I have to admit it looks really slick. I have a buddy that uses a Streamdeck for software dev shortcuts and macros, but I can see it being doubly useful in a DAW environment.

I have used mine mostly for streaming, but it is very nice! I recommend the XL.

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i had the exact same idea when i first got introduced to a stream deck, so i got one to try it out.
i set it up to use with ableton, basically to have quick access to plugins with presets, creating tracks with midi instruments already loaded into them etc.
it looked really cool as you can customise the button backgrounds, create sub menus and everything, but it didn’t bring the ease to my workflow as i hoped it would. i’m so quick with shortcuts and finding things with the ableton browser, and if you already developed a habit in doing things it’s hard to change that if the other option doesn’t save you a good amount of time.

then i thought about using it in my live rig to arm tracks or toggle effects, but you do not get visual feedback of the state of a button from ableton, so it’s not that useful. maybe this is possible somehow, if someone uses it that way i would be really interested in how to set it up!

I’ve been interested in this as well - often thinking about how to make computers more tactile… in my early searches for sending ableton clip feedback to the streamdeck i was led to this:


Yes this is great stuff! Visual feedback is definitely what I’m looking for, record and monitoring states of my live recording tracks, plus basic transport controls. Seems like there are options out there. My use case is virtually identical to yours: be able to set it up in front of the modular/guitar setup and be able to get stuff recorded without too much back and forth between the computer/equipment.

uhuu, this looks interesting! thanks for sharing!

Not a Streamdeck, but I built this* to use a macropad for Ableton – the clip state LEDs stay in sync using the MIDI messages Ableton sends when you tell it your controller is a Launchpad (you could pick others, that was just what I went with). Pretty much any microcontroller that does USB MIDI could be a good starting point for this type of project.
*Full disclosure, I do contract work for Adafruit.


I use Streamdeck lots when working between DAW (PT) and RX, often triggering Keyboard Maestro scripts… Its a life saver/rsi avoider when doing repetitive tasks!


if anyone makes progress getting 2 way communication between streamdeck and ableton please share here. i’m very interested in this, but don’t have the bandwidth to take on a project like this rn.

found some efforts here:

OSC Remote Control
Remote triggering can be done by sending OSC commands to port 
/press/bank/ <page> <bank>

Press and release a button (run both down and up actions)
/press/bank/ <page> <bank> <1>

Press the button (run down actions and hold)
/press/bank/ <page> <bank> <0>

Release the button (run up actions)
/style/bgcolor/ <page> <bank> <red 0-255> <green 0-255> <blue 0-255>

Change background color of button
/style/color/ <page> <bank> <red 0-255> <green 0-255> <blue 0-255>

Change color of text on button
/style/text/ <page> <bank> <text>

Change text on a button