Streaming webcam

Hi, I run a graphic design studio and we’re working on our new website. We’re thinking about streaming video from a webcam at the building where we have our office.

We have a problem with this, we have taken a look at some cameras (like this one for example: ) but they are not suitable to make the streaming through the website (in the Logitech example you access the video through a specific app or their site).

Does anybody know an IP camera (with server) that we can use to do this?


keep in mind that with the server in situ, each connected user will put some load on your internet line upload, if you have fiber-like bandwidth then it’s not a problem, otherwise i would just use a webcam that snaps a pictures every minute or so and puts it on your webserver (if it fits the intended usage of course).

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Would you use something like Twitch or YouTube? I did a stream the other day using just the YouTube iOS app and it worked incredibly well for the little effort I had to put in setting it up. I’ve also had success using the OBS streaming app, though that takes slightly more fiddling. All of these options will get you out of the distribution problem, and I’d say you’d be able to embed a YouTube stream without player chrome on your site.

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Thanks @dansimco, in fact YouTube or Twitch were our first options, but streaming through those platforms required a dedicated computer, which is what we want to avoid. That’s why we are looking for an IP Camera connected directly to our router.

Yeah fair enough. Suspected that might be the case. Well there’s an option anyway if you have a spare iPod or something.

There are rebroadcasting services like angelcam, kinda pricey. I have some IP cameras for our “goat cam” we set up when we had kids hopping around, used them with angelcam. I wasn’t entirely satisfied and would prefer to find a way to stream directly to YouTube or Twitch from the IP camera. I’ll let you know if I figure it out.

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Thanks, just in case we don’t find a proper solution I think I just will record a couple of 24 h. stop motions. The feeling it’s not the same, but the aesthetics could be great.

A couple of views from my office, nothing really fancy, but love the sunsets: