Streams ~~~~

steams is a sequencer with four independent playheads that share a set of notes.


streams started off as my first attempt to write script from scratch. this happed almost a year ago. since then I’ve been using it a lot for my own music and the script has gone through many iterations… now I feel like it’s ready to share. It might occur to you that it has a close resemblance to fugue machine, which is actually what I originally wanted to port to norns when I started writing the script. Over time a few more features were added / changed to match my workflow/creative process.

I experimented with different engines and finally settled for the moonshine engine from the norns study “skilled labour” (thanks @dan_derks and @zebra for putting this together!) because I love the sound and the fact that the voices can be modified independently. This allows streams to have four independent synth voices for each track. The track outputs can be set independently and the destinations to choose from are: moonshine engine, midi, crow, just friends and wsyn. There’s a link below to the docs where all other features are explained in detail. Please let me know if something is unclear or have any general questions.


  • norns
  • grid
  • moonshine engine [download here] (please power-cycle your norns after installing).

Extended control

  • midi
  • crow
  • just friends
  • wsyn


Above is a brief demo video where all four tracks are triggering four moonshine voices. I’m not changing many parameters manually (besides sound params), but switching between different note patterns and track presets using the four note pattern and preset slots.

The user manual can be downloaded here as PDF . You will have a the latest copy on your norns too, once the script is installed or updated. SMB to dust/code/streams/docs to access.


!! don’t forget to install moonshine first !!

install via maiden (give me some time to add it to the library):


or download via GitHub:


love the design + excellent demo! looks so focused but musically very nice

i love that you ditched the obvious direction of using grid as the step editor & instead used it as a meta-controller for everything except for the steps


This looks fantastic! Thanks for the midi out, as well as the extensive documentation!


Wow!! awesome! a new favorite :pray: :heart_eyes:

Thanks a lot Sacha!


Damn I can’t wait to mess around with this, thanks for your effort!


This looks really fun!

I’ve downloaded the enginestudies zip file, but how does one go about installing it on a Norns? I’ve mainly stuck to maiden so far… thanks!

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this sounds really really good!! absolutely stellar creation :star:


AFAIK, In Maiden (matron), you can do:




Ahhh, thanks! That does it.

running streams for last night’s session.
one channel controlling a Future Retro XS and the other three using the internal synth.
REALLY like the way the interface works to morph things on the fly!

also running argen and arcologies.
other noiz gear: Mbase11 and the a fore mentioned XS