"Stress Test" - LP/Cassette - Valerio Moscatelli

“Stress Test is an action, a temporary and necessary condition.
A quick run without looking and wanting to understand,
without fear of exasperation.
Those who think are lost.
Whoever sees stops.
Whoever hesitates disappears.”

Dedicated to Daniel

That’s my first LP since i’m here on ////// and i’m very happy to share with you this nine tracks work i’ve done for Eklero label.
The album it’s been recorded live using my modular, Norns and a few vintage synths and drum machines (TR808, TR606, Pro One), straight to my sound card, without further editing, lots of Mannequins, ER301, Make Noise and Monome modules for sequencing and coding (track 2 and 4 Teletype for melodic duties)
I’ve always wanted to do a work like that, where i felt i was playing instruments and not post producing a lot, so i’m really happy with the result.
It’s not properly ambient, it’s not properly IDM, it’s not properly minimalistic, but it’s the remainder of this division.

I would sincerely love to hear what you think about it, the good and the bad.

This community gave me a lot in these last couple of years, i’m still not able to give back to you in terms of scripts eheh, so i hope you like this as i loved and discovered stunning artists here.


P.S. That’s my head/skull :slight_smile:


:black_heart: and 20 characters of appreciation

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this truly admirable and something i’d like to achieve as well

the first track sounds great!

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This is fantastic. “Test 4” is fucking gorgeous.

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Thx @glia ! Electronic music production it’s been and it is a nice trip for me, as a former drummer IDM was the first electronic genre which I loved, my first girlfriend at the time gave me a white CD when I was 14, “Ep 7” - Autechre, my life changed ahahah!
Starting 21 years ago with Reason, I remember turning to the back of the Reason’s devices, looking at CV/Gate/bla bla and thinking “what the heck are these things!” After Reason I switched to Electribe’s (there was a must have in the Rave parties scene in Italy :sweat_smile:), then switched back again to computer with Ableton (6/7/8/9/10/11) and very slowly I started to buy hardware synths and the computer started to become the sequencer, but there was something I didn’t like to the fullest…

All these words to say that Eurorack, or more precisely the modular way, gave me what I didn’t have, the ability to “automate” stuff in a way I’ve always wanted I guess, starting to feel I was playing an instrument and Ableton became just my multitrack recorder.

I’m so glad you liked it, I really love your music too, you’ve a very recognizable form.

First track is a simple tr606 pattern through 4ms DLD/uBurst/2hpVerb and the synth sequence sound is Sequential Circuit Pro-One through RML custom Fuzz!

Thank you @naxuu ! Glad you like track 4, it’s one of my favorite too, probably because it’s been the first track where I started to enjoy Teletype using Just Type, Just Friends through Erbe-Verb for the chords sounds, Ansible/Kria drives Teletype’s events, 3Sisters for the Kick drum, the lovely Sines script for Norns from @Oootini in the same scale used for Teletype scripts for pads and Er301 for the micro sounds…