Strokes - M4L Sequencing Workstation

I’m launching a new M4L midi sequencer inspired by the recent book on Jaki Liebezeit, the drummer from Can.

Its free to download, and there’s a tip jar if anyone feels extra generous - its £3.75 for a Guinness in my local pub…

Hope you get a chance to have a play with it!!


Damn. Looks great thanks.

Just launched a new version of this here -

Its now called Strokes :slight_smile:

Free version is up there and there’s a paid version which adds swing and accents.


New companion device here

Together these two devices can sequence triggers and generate complex modulation. The way it works is that weights listen to the triggers from strokes and creates modulation curves - in eurorack terms you can imagine your note triggers are sent to an attack/decay envelope - you can assign this modulation to any parameter in live, including parameters in strokes. So what you have is a feedback network of two devices speaking to each other and influencing one another. You can get some pretty wild results!


This week I launched v2.0 of this, here’s Richard Devine shredding it :slight_smile:

Here’s my own demo and tutorial

You can read more here -