Structured Modular Synth Improvisation: review wanted

Short update. The 2nd edition of this improv event happened and again it was great. 3rd edition is already scheduled and fully booked for June 16th.

Here’s some pics of the 2nd edition. Find video at our Insta. Link is in my profile.


That looks awesome! Totally missed the previous ones but definitely want to visit the next one.
Thanks for organizing this!

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Great Simon! You are very welcome.

Reading back through this thread it seems the being able to keep things in sync between different participants is effectively solved by using a common/shared clock.

Similar to the clock I was wondering how the participants make sure the notes/pitches are related to each other? I don’t assume there’s a shared quantizer, so wondering what the approaches to a shared scale for example have been.

No restriction/directions for pitch. Follow your ears. :wink:

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@Voltmeister Thanks for organizing this!
Really enjoyed it, so nice to see these ad-hoc combinations of people jamming out together. Awesome concept! :slight_smile:

Also learned a lot/asked a lot of questions :stuck_out_tongue: everyone was super nice and took plenty of time to explain and discuss :heart:

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@simonvanderveldt thanks for being there man! Was nice to meet and talk! And thanks for the positive ‘review’. I too enjoyed the vibe. So much passion! Everyone is open to learning from each other and keen to share the knowledge they have.

The SoundForce modules demo was great too. Hope to do more of that. Another idea that arose is doing a ‘rig+patch run through’. Giving one or two of the participating artists 10 minutes to explain their setup. To present the design decisions they made when assembling their modular and to explain how their current patch is made. With the opportunity to ask questions, discuss and learn. Do you think that would be a good addition to our event? Maybe you have other tips or suggestions?

Next edition is August 25th. Same place, same time, different participants. You are courteously invited! Would be great to see you again!

Here’s a video of last week’s edition 4:

Next edition October 20th:


Somehow I thought I responded to this, but apparently I didn’t :x
This sounds like a great idea! I’d really like it if something like this were to be done, so much to learn :slight_smile:

P.S. I was super busy with other stuff during the previous session and expect I won’t be able to make the next one either. I’ll be there the next-next time!

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