Both versions are working fine for me.

This happens for me as well, but pressing key3 loads the script…

oh right: ‘no script information’ is due to the leading whitespace (typo) in the first comment line of the scripts.


Ok. Will fix this in repo.

Edit: updated.

I think I may have deleted the we/lib by accident. Is there any way to reinstall it?

Not sure. Ask in the help thread.

@carvingcode, strum is super fun! can’t believe I waited so long to play with it :slight_smile:

Edit: realized that this was solved in another thread :slight_smile:


Glad to hear it. Sometimes, simple things work.


On the params page for both strum scripts the amp value doesn’t raise or lower the volume of the engine for me. Anyone else? Also if I set midi out and set the channel to any value it always sends out on channel one

I really don’t know why that is. I’m using the same code for setting up parameters as Awake. The AMP param works in Awake, but not in the PolyPerc version of Strum. Same with the KarplusRings version.

Mysteries of norns…

Enjoying strum kr… I love the way it runs extremely fast and has great staccato sounds.

Can I ask how one accesses the reverb - or turns it off? though it is very nice i want to go much dryer into my DAW. I am confused about this over a few of the dust apps. is it just a question of whether the coder has brought these controls through to the parameters page?

Try the SYSTEM > AUDIO menu

THANKS! I hadnt twigged there was another menu there…a whole other world of controls. Half suspected i was missing something obvious.

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neato script!

running it with both MIDI and Audio.
MIDI into the Deluge and also clocking a Little Deformer 3.

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Sequencing the shuttle system with strum this morning. Really love the simplicity of this sequencer, thanks @carvingcode


This may be some issue on my end (running the Karplus Strum on a Fates, rather than a Norns), but I find consistently that when I map the last of the parameters to a MIDI controller (I’ve tried several, mostly a Launch Control, the small one), after fiddling with that specific controller briefly, the audio always cuts out entirely. If I only map the others, I can play with them to my heart’s content (and my heart is content, as Strum is a pleasure to use).

The issue has no equivalent in the PolyPerc Strum.

it looks to me like there are several parameters in the KarplusRings engine that are not clamped to safe values and could easily blow the thing up.

in particular, the last parameter looks like “bpf_res”, which if “res” means “resonance” is a misnomer - it is mapped to the rq parameter of the BPF UGen, so controls the reciprocal of its Q/resonance.

in other words, the rq value specifies bandwidth in proportion to center frequency.

setting rq=0 makes an infinitely resonant biquad; noise is fed through this into the input of a Pluck karplus-strong resonator. this could certainly blow up the resonator.

RQ should be clamped to, i dunno, 0.00166666 or something. (that’s a bandwidth of 1 cent if my math is right)


Aha. Thanks. This makes sense. Come to think of it, I never actually tried to change the bpf_res without MIDI.

Can anyone confirm that they can send midi out on channels other than 1? Doesn’t seem to be working for me.

Can you clarify - do you mean that if you set the params to a midi out channel other than 1, you don’t get midi then?

quick testing seems to confirm that it’s sendin note-on/note-off on channel 1 regardless of the param setting.

EDIT - Further - can confirm midi_out_channel is missing from the note-on/note-off sends.

Added a PR with this fix to strum_pp


Yup, sorry — I found that it was sending on channel 1 regardless of setting.

Thanks for the fix!