Strymon Magneto

Well this sounds (and looks) pretty fantastic! Can’t wait to give one of these a spin.

What do you think?

The pitch shifting stuff at the end sounds so good. I can’t find any other info on it yet though. Their websites only mentions the discontinued Generalissimo still. I think Magneto is by far a better name!


Yeah, my thoughts as well! Smart move by Strymon :slight_smile:

Yes, as far as I’m concerned this is yet the only video that exist of the module. One can only hope some great demoers get their hands on it pretty quickly. Though I’m not sure I really like the trend where these youtube channels seems like straight up advertisers for different companies. Let people buy the products and then demo the stuff out of their own passion for the stuff.

Anyways, sounds great! I’ve been a Strymon fan for a long time.

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dang this thing sounds pretty amazing.
it’s so big though :frowning:

this new season of module announcements is pretty explosive and is making me feel challenged to keep my system at the sweet spot of 6U 104hp. the pace dare i say is a bit fast for me…


I was thinking the same thing, having a way smaller set up than you! I guess 6U 84HP will fall short by the end of the year, if not sooner. Note that I bought my first module four months ago…

the scrubby thing seems like it could be fun with the right texture in there…but yeah i am with you @stripes, its big, probably going to be $$$ and i’ve already got no room…my alm sbg > el cap does me fine for now.

Sounds amazing but yeah, I’m also trying not to get overwhelmed by all of the amazing stuff coming out right now. I still love my Echophon so I think I’ll be sticking with that for a while (although I’m also not loving the size of that thing.)

The Echophon sounds amazing! I’ve been thinking a lot about that one, maybe just out of my love for Make Noise. Curious about what they might bring to the table one of these days now. I would love a more compact delay/echo unit. Also been thinking about at one point getting a smaller 3U rack just for FX stuff (like a chain of delay, reverb and chorus).

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I’ve been thinking of this as well! Would be great to start a thread here of effects modules and their uses (if their isn’t one already). I feel like this Magneto may just be a delay I’m looking for.

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I like they moved from real life bad guys to fictional ones :wink:


My first thought when I saw the new name.

so many big huge great delay out there… :frowning:

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this looks great, but I already have an El Cap, and don’t really feel the need for CV control over it.

Eventide EuroDDL is another new eurorack delay worth checking out. h

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I may never allow myself the space for this (who knows, maybe that is too arbitrary of a constraint) but I think seeing this (or especially trying it out) in use with those CV jacks actually patched will be the real fun! It already sounds pretty amazing just being used as a racked pedal here.

edit: now that we can see a zoom of the panel, it is sort of a bummer that there aren’t CV controls for some of the bottom knobs. given that the panel is HUGE, I would have expected CV over every knob…or a more restrained panel overall.

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wow. can’t wait. strymon is one of those companies (like Sound Toys) that just knows how to make incredible sounding tools. i always wanted a 2nd El Cap… i think this might scratch that itch.

i wonder when (hopefully not “if”) and how much?




$599 was as expected, and it really may be well worth it, but it sure is a lot of cash. I’m looking forward to see more demos popping up : - )

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Lots of videos and a full product page are now up:

I use an El Capistan w/ modular quite a bit - love to layer & loop something at the beginning of one of my live sets, then let it deteriorate over 20 minutes or so. Hard to justify the HP for this one, but it sure holds a ton of possibility - the quantizing is especially intriguing.

Anybody else wondering about that Strymon input module Pete is using with it? I sure hope that Strymon keeps exploring Eurorack now that they’ve figured out the hardware piece.


oh, wow. this thing is amazing.


This does look sweet! I might be lucky in that being fairly new to modular, I don’t yet have a dedicated delay, but I also don’t yet have the $600 needed to buy this thing…