Strymon Magneto


Well, I don’t see any reasonable way to avoid getting this.



Willpower be damned, preordered!



Uhhh yeah this is stunning. What a problematic NAMM this is turning out to be. It’s going to be really hard deciding between this and the Verbos delay. Will need some proper demos of that one before making a decision.



Holy shit. This might be huge and it might be expensive, but man, it is out of this world! Lovely demoes by Pete as always. As some already has pointed out, I’m not going to preorder or jump the gun right away either. But I find it hard imagining not getting this at some point. Have to figure out some stuff both in terms of room and money.



Ha! Before the NAMM-Announcements started, I was hoping that the “must-have” modules for me wouldn’t exceed 28 hp (that’s exactly how much I have left in my current setup, which i like a lot). Well, here’s the first module, and it’s 28 hp. :sweat_smile:



NAMM is just soooo much and it hasn’t started!

[screaming intensifies]



The agony. We’re all loving and hating it. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I kinda moved away from Strymon pedals a few years ago (after I had a couple of them). But I have to admit, this seems pretty interesting. Although there really isn’t as much cv control as it looks like at first glance.



ah yeah wow,

seeing this video (and the orchestration one) pretty much sold me

this module is kinda everything that i wished the DLD was.

not crazy bummed about lack of CV control over the tape decay params since that’s something i would probably 99% of the time use my hands to manipulate anyway.



totally. I am loving it for what it is and hating it for wanting it so much.



20 characters worth of caved and pre-ordered, while listening to ‘Water Memory’. :owl::owl:



yeah I have a feeling there are about to be a lot of used DLDs popping up for sale, mine included.



It’s too bad there’s no way to select the timing of the taps apart from that 3-ways switch, though…
Apart from that it seems really well-designed.

Not that I have the space or the money for that module, anyway :slight_smile: .

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Yeah lot’s of delays will get sold once this is out (except maybe the small ones, which still have an edge maybe). Many big-panel delays look kind of shabby now compared to this.
Talking about 4ms, I think the Topographic Delay still might be interesting due to its very peculiar approach to multi-tap, though of course it lacks some of the extra power of the Magneto (sound-on-sound looper).
For me personally this is very interesting, I can see myself using the looper mode a lot, especially since it does have an external feedback loop and works with 4 virtual tape heads which opens it up to all sorts of interesting manipulations, but I’ll have to study it a bit more of course.



How do you think Intellijels Rainmaker will stand up against the Magneto? The Rainmaker seems like a very, very powerful module, but I find it to be maybe too menu based and also HP consuming. (I don’t remember exact size, so it may be the same as Magneto?) I’ve never tried it, but it sure looks like a beast (in both positive and negative terms). Modules like Magneto and Echophon is way more appealing to me.



I just think that the Magneto, as an “evolved for eurorack El Cap” just has so much of the sauce I’m looking for in a effects unit. I have a beta EuroDDL and it does sound really great (saturation + lowpass + feedback = yay), but it is definitely a different beast than Magneto and uuuugggggghhhhh I can have two black panel delays in my rack right? right?



I was just listening to that yesterday!

How many people have been furiously rearranging things on Modulargrid, I wonder? :slight_smile:



It’s striking how different of an approach the new Verbos delay is compared to this, the DLD, or Eventide offerings.



Similar situation for me - I have an El Cap, BlueSky, and ER-301. It’s nice to feel that I can explore similar territory with this combo. All these new namm announcements so far haven’t sent me over the edge yet, but rather have inspired me to use the tools I have differently.

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It really seems like everybody here on the foums has a ER-301 except me :smiley: