Studio furniture

What are your holy grail gear and studio desk to spruce up your creative workspace? Photos are welcome!

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I’m using a Linnmon/Alex

But on top of that I’ve built (out of redwood in my garage) a second tier that lifts an 88 key keyboard up to standing height.

I needed a large desk with lots of work space. Also wanted it to be able to grow with me. I bought a set of hairpin legs online and cut the top from two pieces of 3/4" plywood glued together like a sandwich. Very sturdy. If I ever need something smaller, all just detach the legs, cut it down and put the legs back on. It looks great too.

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I work from home in the same space where I make music, so I have two of these tables in parallel to each other:

Re-purposed barn wood on steel, sourced locally and made here in Toronto by a friendly guy named Jack. Lovely things, solid, lots of space (58"L x 30"D x 29"H, just fit through my old house’s doorways after we removed the tops), finish feels great. One houses my computer, the other synth/mixer/effects.


I made one of these!


After years of unsuccessfully looking for a desk that 1) held rack equipment 2) held a full sized keyboard and 3) has a drafting table at a 10º angle for writing sheet music, I worked with the Canadian builder 2Egress on a custom workstation. Hopefully what you want is already manufactured and you just have to find it, but I was not able to. Because I couldn’t find monitor stands I liked for less than $1,000 I designed and welded together my own. When it comes to your workstation, it’s the piece that ties your studio together and I encourage you to not compromise on your vision.


I hacked and old IKEA table down to fit in my cupboard. In the process of building a 6U rack to go on top.

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Looks grand! Love the cut out in the center… do you ever find yourself working from that nook?

current incarnation of my work area. size ranges from a whole room to a corner depending on where i am living. space echo is always a piece of it that i like to feature visually as well as have hooked up and easily accessible for music making :slight_smile:

on top of the echo is usually my computer or a tascam 4 track , depending on my purpose

edit: oh and my pixar lamp… crucial for late night immersion


I’m using two trestles and a piece of ply.

Because I’m a massive hipster.

Also, it keeps me disciplined, I can only really keep one other synth along with my eurorack, my interface and my monitors on the desk.

The only thing I’m a bit anal about is having nice chunky isolation pads for my monitors. Maybe it’s my imagination, but they make such a difference with good monitors.

recently redid my studio to support both creative work and professional mixing/mastering. on the left wall: wurlitzer, synths, modular setup, and pedals. on the right wall: mixing outboard gear and a separate capture station for stereo mixdowns. the slant racks have the mastering gear, stuff that i want to be able to tweak while in the sweet spot.

i like that fact that there’s enough room to pull gear out into the middle of the room and play, but it can be put away cleanly when i have clients over.


Ditto! Recently reconfiguring the fengshui in my room and having an open space in the middle has completely changed the vibes. I have my set up along the west wall facing an open window to the downtown Los Angeles skyline. Strangely, sleeping better and getting vivid dreams as well…can’t say for sure if this is from the change, but really loving it so far.


I wish I had a room big enough with space in the middle. My home workspace is like 8’ x 10’. The joys of living in an expensive city

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I’m wondering more about that modular stand, myself…


It’s a guitar amp stand. Not sure of the exact model, but there’s lots of options out there.


While that Platform desk is certainly nice, it reminds me of the desk I’ve had for about 7 years, a Studio RTA Creation Station (not as cool looking, but provides most of the functions besides the keyboard slide-out). If I was buying a new desk, I’d definitely consider this thing, but I’m not so sure about that headline ‘finally a desk made for electronic musicians’. :slight_smile:

The main feature of it that I like, apart from it looking cool, is that they ship to Canada (though it costs $100 for the shipping). Getting nearly any other brand of studio desk here is nigh impossible.

Speaking of desks, these ones from Ultimate Support are selling at Sweetwater now:

I checked them out during NAMM this year and they were pretty nice. The Nucleus Z Navigator is great for a standalone thing, and the modular ones are nice for someone with a bigger studio.

Alas probably not available here in the north, which is why I might get that Output Platform.

That desk does look really nice. I"m kind of ashamed to admit that I want it. Gives me a really nice idea for a DIY project though!

Just installed one of the Key 88 desks from Unterlass. Here is a marketing shot (not my office):

It is super-clean and nice. I have my Euro gear on a glass Ikea table off to the side.

Great company to do business with, btw. They went above and beyond to make sure I was happy.

You can find the desk here:


Anyone got a tip for a desk like the Unterlass or Platform desk but… in Australia?