Studio furniture


With Ableton’s Live 10 addition of I/O routing labels, this will be a sweet combo. Nothing like chasing cables to find out that something is mislabeled or mispatched in a patchbay. One time setup pain and done.


A crappy pic of my studio furniture…

(The small A&H is for a PA system - not really part of my regular recording setup)


Think I’m gonna keep it simple with interconnects from the modular for now.

I went through a whole thought process around nw2s:io that led to upgrading my case size, etc. and decided that yes probably someday I’ll do all that, but not yet.

EDIT: Went looking around for many colored velcro cable ties for identifying long patch cords, but ended up deciding a touch of paint would work.


I use these on every single cable in my studio. Amazing what a difference it makes in keeping things tidy. One of the best (and smallest) gear investments I’ve made. Just got some more in the rainbow packs.


Finally caved and bought the Output desk after a recent move. Have to say it’s worth every penny. It’s impressive to clients and looks really nice in the room (for all you experience design nerds, you’ll know the importance of this at the beginning of a client interaction). It’s also decluttered my space via its design, hiding much of the mess in the built-in gutter behind the desk. Can recommend.


After a few weeks with mine I must say I am still extremely happy with it. It’s hard to overstate how much it’s improved my home studio.


Such a shame it’s so much more expensive in Europe - $549 in the US but then 699 Euro in Europe. Not exactly budget anymore…


I’m finding myself wishing there were some open source plans for such things.

Similar to the eurorack cases that nonlinear circuits put up on Thingiverse.

Another project for the “someday” list…


On the Output website, there are measurements for the desk! You can take them and run from there for sure!


Good to know, thanks!


I’m sure it will happen soon, with magic tools like this starting to be delivered:

Though - might be cheaper just to buy the desk. :wink:


That’s a really cool tool, but there’s nothing about this particular desk design that requires accurate curves. Really basic wood shop tools will suffice, and there are already lots of ways to find such tools in publicly available makerspaces.


Platform is making its way down under in a couple weeks, I hear!


Yeah so since platform isnt available where i reside and skilled labour is quite affordable, I basically had an almost platform built…they didnt quite get the angle in the legs right but the rest is pretty good


That is awesome! I’ve gradually jury-rigged a setup like this on top of a desk but am thinking of restarting with a purpose-built desk like yours. Do you have plans or other materials? Or did you just take the Platform idea and run with it by approximation?


No real plans but the general dimensions are there on their website + pictures from as many angles as I could find. Just used the rack standards for the shelf stuff


What’s the rohde schwarz box between the speakers?


Abstimmbarer Anzeigeverstärker UBM


I don’t believe they have any studio specific desks, but Open Desk makes (or at least used to make) their designs available to download, which you can then have made via a local shop, or a maker space with a CNC wood router such as a ShopBot: .

I quality “or at least used to make” because it looks like some of their designs are currently not available to download, not sure if that is a temporary thing or not.


Interesting! I hope they bring back the DIY aspect of it soon.