Studio furniture


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What about the all important studio chair? Currently on the look out for one and wondering what advice is out there for all of us who sit in strange postures for most of the day. Looked at some pricey herman miller stuff but no idea whatelse is out there.


I had back and neck problems from sitting too long.

I burned through various chairs, exercise balls, stools, … and then I put a note on my desk that is a reminder to stretch for 5 minutes of every hour, do yoga every day, stand up and walk around while reading short things on paper, and go for a walk or to the gym every day.

Back problems gone. Despite getting significantly older have not returned…

So to me it isn’t the chair, it is how you occupy it and what you do in your day.



I’ll echo what @Random said, and add that the Aeron chair is worth the expense. I’ve had many many desk chairs, and this is the only one I find consistently comfortable and durable.


Hmmm Im looking at their Sayl chair…the aeron is a little out of the budget…its promoted as giving a little more freedom to move and im someone who likes sitting with their legs up on the chair n weird stuff like that


Ya for sure m8, asana practice is props…been at it a number of years now and helps for posture mindfulness…also gonna get some cats soon which is bound to promote the not getting stuck in front of a screen for hours.


The Sayl is good too. I tend to prefer a non-foam seat (like the Aeron’s mesh seating material). You can also often find Aerons used and discounted, no need to pay retail price.


Yes, well, the addition of cat to my studio environment has certainly been interesting. Promotes stretching, sudden panics, oh-crap-did-I-save-that, uh, yeah. Ironically, as I type this something just became a roll-around toy on floor.


I have an Aeron stool and a cheap Ikea stool. I decided I like the Ikea stool better for music, because I’m moving around a bit more than typical computer work, and the lack of back and arms encourages a more dynamic posture. I appreciate the extra lumbar support from the Aeron when I’m just pushing pixels for 8 hours straight.

Totally agree with @Random that the main thing is to keep moving. I can use my work spaces standing and often do. The thing I really have to be careful about is that I’m always looking down. This stretches the tendons in my neck and shoulders, weakens them, and encourages the humpback look. So, when you stop to stretch, remember to stretch your neck by looking up, down, left, right. I do this very deliberately at the instruction of my chiropractor.


i live in india…so imported stuff is priced much higher and used options…well not online at least…but gonna go check out their phys store and try stuff out…could work out on some kinda credit scheme


You can also find used Aerons fairly easily. That’s how I bought mine. Just look on Craigslist.

I’d like to pick up a stool of some sort as well, mostly because I also play guitar/bass and I can’t really sit in my Aeron properly while playing those.

Another good stretch for those of us constantly hunched over is to stand in a doorway and stick your arms straight out with your elbows bent at 90º and hands pointing up, and then lean forward in the doorframe and use it to stretch out your chest/etc. It’s kind of the opposite of being seated with your arms forward. I’m a cyclist as well as someone who sits at a desk for work, and I was instructed to do it by a couple massage therapists over the years and it’s helped a bunch.


I don’t know if this will work but it’s worth exploring…

I don’t like to sit in a chair when I make music. My back hurts when I’m standing too long.


Bumping this here to see what people are doing with regards to studio storage-y things. Like other than a desk (which I’m still hunting for), what are you doing for putting instruments, synths, gear, etc… that aren’t immediately in use, but you want at hand.

I’m getting a bunch of hanging guitar hooks for guitar-y instruments, and will probably stack spare drums in a corner, or make a rack for snares, but I’ve got a bunch of circuit bent stuff, ciat-lonbarde instruments, and all sorts of ‘bits’ that I want in reach, but not on the table.


I have some Ikea Kallax units like these on their side (with the cupboard doors you can buy):

They are a handy height for having synths, turntables, speakers sitting on top (plus all that storage underneath). Dirt cheap and very adaptable.

My desk and shelves are the Darcy range from Made (good value furniture that is well designed) and I love them:

My dream furniture would be an old Herman Miller Eames Aluminum Chair (with castors). So comfy, and a beautiful design!


I use this for the small pieces of hardware I use from time to time!
It also looks nice


I use these Ikea Eket wall mounted cabinets in my music space. You can get single or double width ones and they’re a good depth for storing music equipment, books, CDs etc…


recently got two of these for our studio and love them, three shelves for fun small instruments we want on display, big un-racked wooden boxes for drawers, and loose wire mesh on top for hanging hooks/cables.


MUJI do a couple of very nice modular shelving/racking systems, and some really nice storage solutions too:

Well worth checking out!


Some good options out there. I had seen some of those things in IKEA, but wasn’t too into the cube size/aspect ratio, but the VEBEROD that @madeofoak mentioned might be useful.

@Angela has a couple of these for her studio space:

and she’s been quite happy with it so far. (managed to snag one as a demo unit too, which made for a fun drive home sans tools to take it apart with).

In looking through the posts on this thread I also found out that Thomann sells studio furniture and that Platform table is available in the EU. That does look pretty good, though I do wonder if it will be big enough for what I need.

Once I have the main table sorted, I can then look into the storage stuff.


i will talk myself out of it but found my dream desk while hunting
might fit your needs