Studio Snacks/Drinks


I know the Mm… Food thread exists already, but I was interested about what you munch/sip when you are working on sound projects. It’s not the most serious topic, but I thought I’d ask it anyway but it’s difficult to find the perfect snacking food (if you are so inclined to eat while you work). In my mind, I consider that I don’t want a mess and I don’t want to accidentally spill or wreck/dirty some gear.

Normally I just get a cup of coffee or tea, anything that is caffeinated really. Recently I just ordered some Club Mate which is delicious and also is caffeinated. I don’t usually eat when I am working but maybe you do!


green tea, sencha, kabusecha, sometimes coffee. Anything that is ritualistic enough that it’s preparation gives a break while not triggering a context switch in my brain.


For boring, repetitive work, nothing beats Yerba Mate’s enthusiastic, focussed high. I picked up the habit from some Argentinean friends and buy Taragui Con Palo in bulk. If I’m chilling out, I make it properly with a bombilla, but if I just need to get shit done, I make up a pint in a french press.

For creativity, espresso is where it’s at for me. I have a nice Gaggia that gives me a rich crema, and I grind beans fresh each time. A friend and I buy in coffee from zapatista co-operatives in Chiapas.

I used to smoke a lot while I worked, but alas those days are over.


Beer and twenty characters.


Strawberry milk.
Roasted red pepper hummus.
Plain pita chips.
All day.


Since I’m on a low carb / sugar diet, it’s either veggies, nuts, or jerky for me. Also diet sodas like Coke Zero.


Yerba mate and coffeee
And beer if I feel like not getting anything done lol


Green tea fan here as well! I’ve recently been a lot into Hojicha and Kukicha, two sorts of lower grade Japanese green tea, which have virtually no caffeine, so you can drink a lot without getting all jumpy. When I need something that gives me a bit of a caffeine kick I reach for Da Hong Pao, which is a very high-quality sort of Oolong tea from the Wuji mountains (China). But I like to change a lot and taste new types of tea. Green tea is indeed very ritualistic, and you need to know how to prepare each sort, because temperature, vessel type and time are essential to get the full flavour.

Regarding food. I don’t eat in the studio, especially not in front of the computer. But I take a snack break once in the morning and once in the afternoon and mostly eat fresh fruit (whatever is around in the season… or whatever I can get in winter time)

edit: but I should add that most of the time I don’t do sound work, since my main activity is being a graphic designer, and sound work is being pushed late into the evenings as of lately. But I think the principles is still valid.


I very rarely allow food in my studio. It’s just too risky and messy, and spills have a way of being found by bugs even if you clean them up.

For medical reasons, however, it is extremely important for me to stay hydrated at all times, so I tend to drink a lot of canned seltzer water and always keep a case under my computer desk. I open my radio show every Sunday night by turning up a microphone, feeding it into a very long reverb, and letting the audience hear me open a seltzer can and take a long drink before saying hello. A few regulars actually complain that they’ve been cheated if I don’t follow that up with a belch. Definitely not the usual audience for ambient music, but I love them all. :slight_smile:


iced coffee first

then soda water with apple cider vinegar over and over again

lots of peeing


maybe just the formatting of yr post but feel like this is about two notches away from a beautiful studio routine haiku


oh, and to answer the original question just black coffee from the bodega across the street and lots of Camel Blues


Water mostly, sometimes like one beer.

I dance a lot so hydration is important.


I see lots of interesting choices at the studio I work at. Lots of coffee, iced coffee, beer, chips and guac, oatmeal and potato chips… and weed.

My personal choice is a combination of green tea, mixed nuts, lots of water (LOVE sparkling water), kombucha and hummus, veggies and pita. My body has a weird adverse reaction to coffee so I definitely stay away from it. I love to have a few beers in the studio, but I tend to get less and less done the more beer I drink so I stay away from it. I used to smoke a lot while writing/recording, but I prefer to be sober these days.


What the

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Edit - no but seriously, what?


It used to be cigarettes and beer for me, but since I quit both… it’s black coffee


you might like this then


Seltzer water or tea/coffee if I have a chance to work earlier in the day. I don’t snack around my equipment, I would rather just take a break for a few minutes. I used to drink beer, but seltzer is a good substitute for me.


for real, I am likely ordering some of this soon:

I’ve been trying to cut down on caffeine for the last few months (actually fully due to Brian’s testimonials) and have settled into a nice half-caff routine. I want out before too long, but I friggin’ love how coffee tastes too much. Herbal coffee might be the right direction. Has anyone else tried it? Any other caffeine ex-pats with advice?


Here in Indonesia, we don’t bother with coffee-machines or these ‘George Clooney’-things. We scoop the coffee straight into the cup or glass and pour hot water on it… done.

And as an extra for the smokers… (some of them) dry the coffee-drash afterwards and roll there cigarettes in it… bonne appetite.