Stuff partners, friends or family do in your music studio

Inspired by @noisejockey’s Tweet about his significant other wearing his studio headphones, I thought it might be fun to share some stories of partners/friends/family in your music studio, interacting with you and your gear.

My partner has this thing where she’d come up next to me inconspicuously while I’m jamming in my closet, stare straight into my eyes and then suddenly just turn a random knob, waiting for a reaction from me wearing headphones. Of course this can be anything from “Haha! You have no power here! That module isn’t patched and the knob doesn’t do anything!”, to “WTF?! My meticulously tuned ambient patch is now sounding like a cat barfing up its breakfast!” to “Holy crap! My ears are bleeding!”.

While it’s sometimes a bit annoying, I find it quite funny actually. She can’t hear what’s happening with the audio when she does it, so by messing with a knob she’s not playing the synth, but she’s actually playing me, who will always react in a rather unpredictable way, depending on what the knob twist did. She tells me that’s a lot more fun than making music with those devices. Oh well :yum:

So what are the people around you doing when they wander in on you making your music?


I have a long-running joke with my wife that the music I listen to/make sounds like there is a problem with our plumbing - specifically she calls it ‘pipe music’.

So the most likely thing to happen if she wanders in on me making music is that she will improvise the sound of these blocked pipes, something like a cross between a dial-up modem & a cat in pain.


I love setting up small combos of electronic instruments and effects, and then bring friends and family over that don’t play instruments. I’ve heard amazing sounds come out of volcas when I set my niece and nephew loose on them. More non-musical friends and children should have access to electronic instruments. Let’s do our part!


Recently, my much younger 14 year old brother has been coming by the house and has been really interested in messing with the synth. He’s made some really neat stuff! The coolest thing that’s happened is I showed him bounds (bouncing ball looper on norns) and he promptly put about 1700 balls on the screen. Something I would never think to do, made some crazy textures!


My kids “play” my synthesizers in ways that I just wouldn’t have thought about. For instance, instead of playing on the keyboard, my 4 yr old “plays” the octave up/down buttons as well as the preset up/down buttons while my 3 yr old holds down a fistful of white keys. Its intriguing.

But my favorite is when anyone enters the basement and slowly approaches the keyboard rack with all of its cables patched and lights blinking, holds out a single finger while cautiously anticipating my warning/guidance/reaction, and then presses a single button - I guess half expecting rockets to ignite and the whole rack to somehow blast out of the window into the atmosphere.