Stuxnet - all demos unreleased


  1. that it is a message at all
  2. that dangerous material is stored in a given location
  3. information about the type of dangerous substances

The Human Interference Task Force was a team of engineers, anthropologists, nuclear physicists, behavioral scientists and others convened on behalf of the U.S. Department of Energy and Bechtel Corp. to find a way to reduce the likelihood of future humans unintentionally intruding on radioactive waste isolation systems. Specifically, the task force was to research the use of long-time warning messages to prevent future access to the planned, but stalled, deep geological nuclear repository project of Yucca Mountain.



  1. Dazzle Camouflage (MUA)
  2. Countersurveillance
  3. A Territory of History, Without Self
  4. Pyrocumulus Days and Entropy Nights
  5. What’s Your Wifi Password?
  6. I’m On Blockchain
  7. Maybe

Mapcore is a viable solution for surveying the world.

COUNTERINTELLIGENCE was written, recorded, designed, and released on the STUXNET: NIGHTLY STREAMS // UNREMEMBERED DREAMS Twitch channel. While recording some of the gear blew a fuse. STUXNET is Tyler Etters.

Album art: “The Nobili-Pesavento self-replicator, with a daughter copy in the process of making a grand-daughter copy. The automaton uses the 32-state extended John von Neumann rules, based on his work on universal constructors and self-reproducing automata.”



  1. Our world was always fallen but there was always light.
  2. Damaged music is a metaphor for this world.
  3. Music was always celebratory, but there was always sorrow.
  4. For liberation lies in that which is shattered.
  5. Designed to merge engineered to transcend.
  6. Liberation follows that which is broken.
  7. Something you catch.
  8. As you’re scanning for distress calls.
  9. Long live the lost ones.

Album title by Cory Salveson, encryption key by Matthew Marx, distress signals by Dan Derks, music by Tyler Etters.



  1. Time’s Firewall
  2. Fractal’s Edge

At the behest of an anonymous agent, the Northern Information Applied Sciences & Phantasms Working Division agreed to the impossible: rationalize the numogram for the post-pandemic age.

It is accepted that the numogram first manifested in the 90s via research from the CCRU. However, newly unearthed forensic evidence from The Timeserver Incident has cast a shadow of doubt on the true provenance.

After the NIAS&PWD design scientist rationalized the numogram into a mathematically pure vector format, new sonic pathways were unlocked for STUXNET. The dossier was delivered and lead to yet more revelations: the existence of what can only be described as a time firewall. And, perhaps more unsettling, “fractal edges” thereby calling into question the very foundations of topology, Euclidean space, and recursion dynamics.

Intertext formally published a request for support in understanding the implications of these twin entities on April 18, 2021.

Operator instructions: mv numogram.txt



  1. The Payload Appeared Yesterday Due to a Zero Day Timezone Conversion
  2. Supply Chain Attack Surface
  3. A White USB Drive With “HEXAGON” iStock Logo #1135496271
  4. At Least One Reseller of Microsoft Cloud Services Was Compromised
  5. Matryoshka Shell 1 - Ransomware Was Discovered on the Executive’s Peloton
  6. Matryoshka Shell 2 - IoT Botnet DDoS
  7. Matryoshka Shell 3 - Distributed Cryptocurrency Mining Operation
  8. Matryoshka Shell 4 - International Date Line
  9. Matryoshka Shell 5 - 総会屋 (deepfake.S)
  10. Matryoshka Shell 6 - Schanuel’s Conjecture (Evidence of Non-Human Origin)
  11. The Media Confused the Matter With Container Ships


Download includes “64chain-3.3.wav” to use with your own sampler. This sample is an assemblage of all the samples synthesized for this release.

As always, free download codes at gemini://


the new project from @tyleretters

           CIPHER SUITE (demo)
           out only until a proper release is ready

                    LEARN ABOUT GEMINI & VISIT
                    >>>>>>>> gemini:// <<<<<<<<
                                       FOR FREE DOWNLOAD CODES

-rw-rw-r--@  1 mbp  staff   5391536 Mar 27 21:31 1 - Trapdoor Function.mp3
-rw-rw-r--@  1 mbp  staff   3361299 Mar 27 21:31 2 - Asymmetric Encrypted Transport.mp3
-rw-rw-r--@  1 mbp  staff   6162671 Mar 27 21:31 3 - Forced Disclosure of Encryption Keys.mp3
-rw-rw-r--@  1 mbp  staff   5382132 Mar 27 21:31 4 - Chinese Remainder Theorem.mp3
-rw-rw-r--@  1 mbp  staff  11806164 Mar 27 21:31 5 - Hash Collision.mp3
-rw-rw-r--@  1 mbp  staff  24340760 Mar 27 21:31 6 - Something You Have.mp3
-rw-rw-r--@  1 mbp  staff   8340238 Mar 27 21:31 7 - Something You Know.mp3
-rw-rw-r--@  1 mbp  staff  13714148 Mar 27 21:31 8 - Something You Are.mp3

% ssh-keygen -t ed25519

Generating public/private ed25519 key pair.
Enter file in which to save the key (/Users/mbp/.ssh/id_ed25519):
Enter passphrase (empty for no passphrase):
Enter same passphrase again:
Your identification has been saved in /Users/mbp/.ssh/id_ed25519.
Your public key has been saved in /Users/mbp/.ssh/
The key fingerprint is:
SHA256:0kv7znEhupmnDG+eyQAwWNgt8kwKzosGi4hpAmtf7HY mbp@mbp
The key's randomart image is:
+--[ED25519 256]--+
| o..             |
|+o+ .            |
|=*o.             |
|+ooo .           |
|B+. o . S . .    |
|X= + o + . .     |
|= . o o + . .    |
| . o E.O.o       |
| . .o%++         |

% cat /Users/mbp/.ssh/id_ed25519



only available until a proper release is ready
watch it form at [](
watch the recording of CIPHER SUITE (demo) at: [](

CARRIER (demo)

the new project from @tyleretters

           CARRIER (demo)
           out only until a proper release is ready

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 -rw-r--r--@  1 mbp  staff  104620104 Mar 12 20:52 1 - plateau.wav
 -rw-r--r--@  1 mbp  staff   59739232 Mar 12 21:01 2 - angel.wav
 -rw-r--r--@  1 mbp  staff   41944340 Mar 13 09:53 3 - mod3046.wav
 -rw-r--r--@  1 mbp  staff   20509932 Mar 13 09:58 4 - rave.wav
 -rw-r--r--@  1 mbp  staff   30604340 Mar 13 09:50 5 - fcore.wav
 -rw-r--r--@  1 mbp  staff  118575380 Mar 12 20:57 6 - lecture.wav
 -rw-r--r--@  1 mbp  staff   70473536 Mar 13 09:55 7 - abeyance.wav
 -rw-r--r--@  1 mbp  staff   16658228 Mar 13 09:56 8 - registry.wav

liner notes

made after they sieged the capitol
made with elektron, make noise, mannequins, monome, others
made before i knew how to use it all

only available until a proper release is ready

happy pi day
happy daylight savings time
the icecaps are melting



i’ve been squatting on for years. i saw the film zero days and was completely captivated.

infographic about the stuxnet worm

stuxnet is theorized to have been the first piece of weaponized computer code. it was (is?) malware that infected iran’s nuclear enrichment centrifuges in 2009. specifically, it caused mechanical failures that resulted in extremely costly physical damage to the infrastructure.

cybergothic materialism. bits and bytes become smoke and flames. an incantation from another plane. this is not science fiction. this is now decades old history. never mind the half century old soviet spaceships collecting dust

a few years prior to seeing zero days i had discovered vatican shadow and the photographer trevor paglen something really clicked, artistically. i was used to reading critiques and articles on the military but, in my experience, very few artists in any medium interrogate our relationship to the endless war. it feels taboo.

paglen photographs secure sites from as close as legally possible

from a blog post i wrote in 2019:

I didn’t know what to “do” with the Iraq War. Support it? Protest it? Talk to people about it? Enlist to a military academy? Is that even a thing? Those stern looking fellas from the Army and Navy sometimes have tables setup in the cafeteria. Surely they’d know what to do?

My closest mental model was all the action and science fiction films I saw. Needless to say, it wasn’t a clean 1:1 mapping. Iraq is sorta like Arrakis and oil is sorta like the spice, right? But… then we’re the Harkonens? That can’t be right. Maybe this was more like Starship Troopers? Err, there’s some problems there too…

Studying the war in real time caused my narrative and framing of America and humanity as a whole to shift. I learned about the Iraq War before I learned about World Wars 1 and 2. With grade school only 3 years behind me, my mental history of America was largely dominated by folksy tales of George Washington throwing a silver dollar across the Rappahannock River and Paul Bunyan digging out the great lakes for his ox to drink from. Yeah. Vertigo.

9/11 quite literally coincided with the end of my childhood: I turned 13 that year. My entire adult life has been in its the shadow. I share this not to paint myself a victim, but to illustrate how I relate to the world has been utterly warped by it. It has become so overbearing and inescapable to the point of becoming forgettable.

If my life were to be made a movie, 9/11 would be the MacGuffin. That cataclysmic event or hyperobject that happens in act 1 and drives action for the rest of the ride, unquestioned, uncontested. I would venture this is true for all us millenials in the states.


i recorded CARRIER demo entirely on the march 12th stream

i’ve been streaming nightly on i wrote a long blog post about that too:

Yet I don’t think this is “too much” experimentation at all. In an age of content, it feels really nice to turn the whole thing inside out and welcome the world along the journey with me. And why shouldn’t this be interesting? The old axiom, “it’s the journey, not the destination,” rings especially true here. I’m opening up one of my most personal and intimate experiences to the world and it is exhilarating.

there’s a lot going on here. from voyeurism and self surveillance to the ache for community in the age of the pandemic. not to mention the incredible musical possible afforded by the likes of monome and elektron.

educational component

the STUXNET project doubles as an educational vector. if you have the patience to learn the new internet protocol called gemini, you’re rewarded with free download codes. the CIPHER SUITE tracklist is a very short survey of cryptographic concepts. MATRYOSHKA’s tracklist hypothesizes a supply chain attack…


I’m not used to software that was born in Unix-land being so hard to install on Mac OS.


did you get it working? i’ll DM you a download code for effort :slight_smile:


Forgive my… skepticism? paranoia?.. My day job is in IT support so when I see the name Stuxnet I just want to fire up all the antivirus blockers I can get my paws on! So I think I’ll pass on installing any unknown software, thanks all the same! :rofl:

That said, your projects are always endlessly fascinating to me, and I’m really digging the Bandcamp demos - the backstory kinda grabs my attention, too - so I’ll look forward to the official release in due course, and in the meantime wish you all the best with the project!


this is exactly what i hope to explore with this project. i’m sure i’m preaching to the choir but we’ve opened pandora’s box with tech. think about all the superstitions and folklore surrounding it all. just the other day i helped some elders setup SSL certs for their sites and it really opened my eyes to how asymmetric this all has become.

<3 <3 <3 thank you so much


lol, I see the word asymmetric and I reach for my… William Gibson quotes!

I don’t even like using the word terrorism. It’s not an accurate descriptor of what’s going on.

What do you think is going on?

Asymmetric warfare, when you’ve got a little guy and a big guy.

The asymmetry, in asymmetrical warfare, is that the little guy can only really damage the big guy by getting him angry enough to self-injure

Asymmetrical warfare, when it works, induces something very like autoimmune disease, in the larger opponent. Own defenses damage self.

Interesting point about opening Pandora’s box with tech - Not sure we’ll know for sure until there’s a fully global digital network - and of course, the kicker is that by then, it may be too late. But I think there’ve been as many good things to come from it as bad. That said, my own current fixation is on the potential burden that Bitcoin mining is looking to put on an already overburdened - and dangerously near collapse - climate and biosphere…

But I won’t derail this thread by going any further down that particular rabbit hole - I’m pretty sure there are already threads on it elsewhere on lines!


the only reason i haven’t deleted my twitter account is because william gibson retweeted me, once.

pretty sure it already is too late. i completely agree about crypto. ya know how no one really knows who Satoshi Nakamoto - Wikipedia is? i had sci fi story i was working on where crypto was actually a weapon created by AI to accelerate the destruction of humanity. yeah then we rabbit hole into Accelerationism - Wikipedia

this project is a rabbit hole.


I remember that! I was like, YESSS!
…then I discovered this place…! :rofl:


I’m really intrigued by your projects too. Just recently I found your UTC Podcast, not through this forum but through some different Internet back-alleys… I haven’t listened to much of it yet but I really liked the whole idea and form.
Your forum post feels like the proper form of the release here, more than the Bandcamp site where there is only the Music. Here you have Music to research to as a multimedial whole.

I can only try to imagine what kind of impact 9/11 must have had on americans in your age. I’m from Germany and was 8 Years old on that day but I remember where I was when I heard what happened and it definetly changed my view of the world.

I didn’t research very deeply now, but I haven’t got my head around what the use of this, or other new protocols is.
In your release here it makes a lot of sense to me as an outside of the contemporary Internet which feels a bit more like I Imagine the very early Internet was. With associations of the dreams of a better future whcih were connected to it. Quite like the melancholia for an imaginary future Mark Fisher describes.
Actually, maybe that’s enough usefulness already, as it might facilitate a community of people who think about these things and might try to work on that.

Do you have any favorite Gemini sites you’d recommend to explore?

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your constant creative energy is humbling :pray:


I’ve listened through a couple of times now while reading and really enjoy the release as a whole. There is movement in mood, but the vibe is cohesive. Really great work and thanks for the engaging emails.

plateau is probably my fave track, but legit enjoy the whole thing.


thanks man. you’re constant curiosity and positivity is humbling to me. i can’t wait until we can meet irl.

thank you so much for listening and engaging. this is the most unpolished thing i’ve ever put out but there’s something really liberating about it being a “demo”.


I managed to get a code myself, but man, the gemini project has some comms issues. But it’s definitely intriguing… how would you feel if I gave some hints in this thread?

EDIT oh nevermind, you did. Anyways I’ve had the most success so far, quantitatively speaking, with Elaho. But Lagrange also seems very good.

FURTHER EDIT how did I screw up that reply chain jeez @tyleretters


This is great! I too like exploring the realms of information security, state secrets and music. There’s a long history of software bugs that did things like invert a F-16 when the autopilot flew it across the equator.

Thanks for the download code. The Gemini example client in Go was easy to install. All I had to do was clone the repo and go build in the directory. It’s cool that Gopher is an inspiration for a new generation.


this is a superb listen. i’ll second the excellent cohesiveness. i love the rhythms in here and i love how much space there is in some of the songs. my instant favorites are “plateau” and “fcore” because i’m drawn to those tight rhythms. but all the songs are great, the sounds seem very deliberate, i.e. its a good mix to my ears and there is enough room for each sound to shine in its own way. looking forward to the “proper release”!

this look super interesting to me! i will give gemini a shot tomorrow, and after the demo :partying_face:

whatttttttt. i need to research this. was it an error or malicious?

thank you so much dr. digits. i regard your opinion very highly. i can’t tell you how much i relish mixing with only my ears is. none of this was in a daw.

let me know how it goes!

going live in a few minutes to continue working on the proper release. just learned how to actually “sample juggle” on the octatrack


Just a bug in simulation, though there were some real ones that damaged real aircraft. A german professor has an extensive list of software bugs, some with darker consequences than others.


…so if you ask to drop a bomb, the computer will figure out whether to drop a port or starboard bomb in order to keep the load even. One of the early problems with that was the fact that you could flip the plane over and the computer would gladly let you drop a bomb or fuel tank. It would drop, dent the wing, and then roll off.

i’m so glad i program with sine waves and white noise


this whole project is fascinating + the sounds you’re finding from these machines are super compelling.

want to hear more about this starship troopers nightmare, tho.

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