Stuxnet - all demos unreleased


paul verhoeven got lodged really deep in my subconscious at a very young age. total recall, robocop, starship troopers… this one was about the troopers trying to kill me. it was night, cold, winter. i tried to hide atop a rocky crag as they stormed passed me like a wave, but they saw me. lots of machine guns.


How is this not a proper release? Sounds proper to me! Love the concept, rhythms and pads! :heart_eyes: Fan of Vatican Shadow and Muslimgauze, so, instant buy.

i haven’t heard muslimgauze. checking them out now…

i’ve been reflecting on this and had a thought. in our current age we’ve lost the “diy garage rock, my friends band” thing. why? well, artists have this intense pressure to release these highly polished and complete works. get it mixed and mastered. get a tight bandcamp page a video… we’re modeling / echoing / imitating what major labels did in the 90s and 00s. but what is lost in this is the beautiful journey of watching a local project grow and develop. one of my favorite parts of music has not only been live shows, but also going to band practices. it was like this before the pandemic, but the pandemic definitely exacerbated and amplified it all.

so, this isn’t a proper release because it doesn’t quite say what i’m trying to say and how i want to say it. but it excites me and i want to invite you into the process. so i think of this release like a CD-R a friend let you borrow, or a .zip you got from limewire that was tagged wrong because someone thought it was another band but you ended up liking it anyways.


Ohhhh sorry I totally assumed/misread, but happy to introduce MG into your life! It was the big influence for Vatican Shadow and also has this conceptual political vibe; all about middle eastern conflicts. Because of his gigantic discography, I’ll give you these albums a starting point:

I loooove this idea, makes me feel nostalgic :heart: Thanks for allowing us in on your process/development!


“Whatever his antecedents he was something wholly other than their sum, nor was there system by which to divide him back into his origins for he would not go.” - Cormac McCarthy, Blood Meridian

new demo is up!

this one is called “CIPHER SUITE”

  1. Trapdoor Function
  2. Asymmetric Encrypted Transport
  3. Forced Disclosure of Encryption Keys
  4. Chinese Remainder Theorem
  5. Hash Collision
  6. Something You Have
  7. Something You Know
  8. Something You Are

you can watch the whole performance here:

The only criteria; an arms race: “Is it stronger than the antecedent?”


Love that you start the Twitch session with an Oblique Strategies card!


@Helen - moving them to always been in my line of sight has been a huge help. i always remember to pull them when it is too late

the album art for this is a ssh key “fingerprint”

you can make your own like this: Generating a new SSH key and adding it to the ssh-agent - GitHub Docs

note the liner notes for this release make available a private key. you should never ever share your private keys with others. ssh keys use what is called “asymmetric” design - there is a public key and a private key. the private one is yours. the public one gets installed on other servers and allow you in.

in the domain of authentication, ssh keys are an example of, “something you have.” passwords are an example of, “something you know.” biometrics are an example of, “something you are.”

none of the above matters with social engineering. remember in blue velvet when jeffrey poses as an exterminator to get the spare key? all it really takes is a jumpsuit, a tank of chemicals, and a smile.


That ssh doc is really useful; thanks for linking. I’ll spend a little time on it - I’ve used public/private keys before, but a long time* ago, so could do with the refresher.

*where ‘long time’ in internet years is like dog years to humans :smiley:

Yeah, I think a lot of unauthorised access gets granted that way; be it via unsolicited phone calls, or phishing emails, or a lot of other methods. The “hacker” in the black hoodie is such an outmoded and trite stereotype.

“The street finds its own uses for things”, to quote Wm Gibson, and MITM attacks are a great example of that, too.

Edited to add: How rude of me not to say thanks for sharing the Cipher Suite demo - Chinese Remainder Theorem and Something You Have are the ‘first-listen faves’ - I’ll give it another play tomorrow.


THis looks super interesting and sounds great so far :slight_smile: Stuxnet is a really superb project name :slight_smile:

I feel like you might find Tom Jennings (aka/previously World Power Systems)'s artwork interesting:

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…hyperobjects and hyposubjects

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i’ve been reading timothy horton for a few years. interesting. thank you.

thank you so much for listening


Morton is on of my favourite philosophers. His “Being Ecological” is a great inspiration.


you may also enjoy New Dark Age:

As the world around us increases in technological complexity, our understanding of it diminishes. Underlying this trend is a single idea: the belief that our existence is understandable through computation, and more data is enough to help us build a better world.

In actual fact, we are lost in a sea of information, increasingly divided by fundamentalism, simplistic narratives, conspiracy theories, and post-factual politics. Meanwhile, those in power use our lack of understanding to further their own interests. Despite the accessibility of information, we’re living in a new Dark Age.

From rogue financial systems to shopping algorithms, from artificial intelligence to state secrecy, we no longer understand how our world is governed or presented to us. The media is filled with unverifiable speculation, much of it generated by anonymous software, while companies dominate their employees through surveillance and the threat of automation.

In his brilliant new work, leading artist and writer James Bridle excavates the limits of technology and how it aids our understanding of the world. Surveying the history of art, technology, and information systems, he explores the dark clouds that gather over our dreams of the digital sublime.

i had forgot about this one. big stuxnet mood.


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this song is cool. i haven’t heard it before. can you share how it relates to this topic or what you’re responding to? i am not making the connection.

Oh, sorry, was responding to the “sea of information”.

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new tunessss

download codes at gemini://


i learned! :raised_hands:
(but still, prefer if you’d also take my money :bowing_man: )
awesome tunes!
(was great to discover the twitch stream earlier, too… hope to catch many more)

I will do as your secret-code-wording(“Download includes “64chain-3.3.wav” to use with your own sampler”) has implied and introduce your weaponized .wav file into my polyend tracker in order to infect its wavetable centrifuges :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

on a more serious note: i especially feel moved reading of how you relate to 9/11… helps me realize, how trauma across wide populations often serve as reference points from which we all venture forth into different avenues of coping and surviving.
in this way, it’s great how all your work resonates with a sense of this depth of introspection, gets me to take a cold, hard look at both the trauma and the triumph of my days in this world :pray: thanks for all of it!


thanks @tyleretters for sharing this cool and inspiring project! i really like the way you’re presenting your work, giving us insight to your process, involving us with reference points of inspiration and further exploration, braiding together music, code, discussion, live streams, memories, dreams…

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THANK YOU!! i deeply appreciate the support and you hanging out in the stream. i want to hear what you do with the samples, too! please share back!

thanks for the note about 9/11. it was a weird way to ring in the 21st century. and now we have a new collective trauma navigate as we heal together…


thanks so much for engaging with my work and giving it a think. i’d love to hear anything that is coming up for you. tangents, feelings, research leads, other reference points…

topical news just published 14 minutes ago: 'Suspicious' blackout strikes Iran's Natanz nuclear site

Cryptographically Nested Dolls 🪆

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