polyrhythmic sequencer for norns


This is my first norns script and an attempt to get a little experience with lua. The sequencer was inspired by the Subharmonicon and a desire to build a simple 2 channel midi sequencer to use with external gear.

Subseq consists of two 16-step sequencers, and four clock dividers (2 per sequence).
By default the sequencers are set up to send midi out to ch 1 and 2, but the internal engine (PolyPerc) can also be turned on per sequencer. Scale, root note, midi, and basic set of engine params are accessible in the params menu.

Lattice ended up doing a lot of the work for this script. I made a small change (which might not have been the best solution). Ended up making it so that when toggling off a pattern, the phase continues to increment and reset and just avoids performing it’s action if not enabled.


norns, MIDI capable external gear(recommended)


e1: swaps sequencer control
k1 held: alt
k2,k3: rhythm toggles
alt+k2: reset both sequencers
alt+k3: mute selected step
e2: set step pitch
e3: select step
alt+e2,alt+e3: rhythm divisions



The code is a bit of a mess, there’s lots of room for improvement, but I had a great time working on this and am excited to be a part of such an awesome community.


  • general improvements / bugs
  • sequence length
  • pattern save / recall
  • grid / crow integration
  • additional engine options
  • per step gate length