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Really nice article about John Chowning, father of FM synthesis.

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Old Synapse magazine issues scanned here:
A lot of good stuff including interviews with Allen Strange, Bob Moog, Brian Eno etc etc.


many of us love california, and almonds.

this is an excellent, thorough analysis of california’s water crisis.

California Goes Nuts


I’ve been a long-time fan of the thoughtful, thorough essays written by Kris De Decker of Low-Tech Magazine and sister-site No-Tech Magazine.

To start, a good read on the exciting history of the wheelbarrow:


i LOVE reading through synapse.

below is one of my favorite clippings - i’d like to organize something like this out here in west marin.


Shameless self promo. Read about me. Only on a really cool website. But it’s still just about me:


I highly recommend these two books:

A book written by Michael Nyman (a great composer himslef):

Great read not only because of the historical perspective, but also (perhaps even mainly) because it’s full of great ideas, formal/conceptual strategies and approaches to music. Definitely a kind of mind opening book.

Awesome dictionary-style exploration of multidisciplinary understanding of sound concepts:

This may be the only book I ever read that is organized like an encyclopedia/dictionary, but is worth reading straight through. Full of amazing new ideas, and also worth reading as a way of expanding the understanding of familiar sonic concepts (like for example, delay, reverb etc.) considered from different vantage points: likeliterature, architecture, psychology, physiology, etc.
and you get to learn what sharawadji is :slight_smile:



great photos @Simeon, haven’t uploaded anything to my lomo account for ages, will have to remedy that


i enjoyed this


the gaurdian on John Horton Conway.


I’m not a huge drum machine guy, but this is a good read:



Hey @Simeon, visiting a few of the links from that article led me to your website (listening to Anubis as I type), the spotlight project and the red cafe. It’s so strange to find out about great things happening in SWANSEA! through the monome forums. I’ll visit the cafe when I’m back home in Dunvant this summer. Small world indeed. Good to meet you. HN


Whoa, the shameless self-promo worked for once?!

Loads of good things are happening in Swansea. I’m just down the road from you in Gowerton. There’s not a whole lot on at the community studio for the next few weeks, but drop me an email and I’ll show you around.


pushed elsewhere already on the site, but fits better here:


questions . questions .



great! thanks for posting.


Thanks so much for this. Good, interesting read and the “Siberian Loner” album they mention is wonderful!