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I believe I ran across this book on lines but I can’t recall which thread…

But it’s filled with improv inspiration. Getting some ideas for Locked Groove Orchestra @ikjoyce @pirxthepilot


Ordered, should arrive tomorrow. Lookso interesting!


Really enjoyed this article


Between Geometry of Music and Modalogy, it’s been interesting thinking about western harmony and melody as a form of geometry. Sounds like that train of thought could be taken much further:


Didn’t know about modalogy, thx.

Okay, so I’m going totally lateral on this one. Wait for it. Hold on, here it comes.

Yeah, not music, but very cool nonetheless.

But closer to home, Fauvel’s Music and Mathematics. I have it but not yet read…




Text by Tadao Ando from exhibition at National Art Center, Tokyo


Nice! Has a kind of Christopher Alexander vibe to it.


Have been reading “Concise Electronics for Geeks”. It’s very dense and didn’t give me anything on the first read-through, but working slowly though it has helped me piece together a lot of things I’ve only been peripherally aware of.


txt by l.koren


I was reading a very interesting article from the NY Times, September 22, 1985 entitled:
“Computer music is very much alive”. This article was published just one month after the MIDI protocol was introduced.



good idea, here’s writing by
harry gamboa jr.


Not sure why, but this struck me as very lines.


Just found this while browsing new and upcoming titles from Black Dog Publishing. The book itself sounds pretty interesting, and there’s also an accompanying digital audio component featuring a ton of awesome people, including our very own @marcus_fischer.


looks nice! thanks for sharing


Also, to dawn on your first suggestion. A Teacher at my community college (Dave Bristow) played a key role in designing the DX7 and FM synthesis in general. He also co authored a book on FM synthesis with John chowning.

Haven’t read it yet, but it looks like its in PDF form here if anyone dares dig that deep into FM synthesis -


Thanks for the link, looks interesting. Elektron had an FM chat with John Chowning recently - it’s well worth a read: Interview with John Chowning


Np. Glad you found it interesting and thanks for the info. Will try to check that interview out when possible.


That was fantastic.
Be warned: spoilers!


Currently reading Adorno’s essay collection The Culture Industry (Routledge) as semi-research, semi-attempt to understand better the relationship between capitalist movements and the creation of music itself (in the way you or I might do it). I’ve been overwhelmed, overstimulated and deeply underimpressed by musical experiences lately - there are lots of reasons for it, but I thought ol’ Theodore might be able to shed some light on the ones having to do with the market itself.

It’s a little bewildering to read these writings from the 1960s and 1970s without entirely analysing them in terms of the culture industry today. It’s also really fascinating/amusing to try to figure out the points of overlap between his theoretical anlyses and his personal taste in art and music, which range from acquired and stuffy to downright embittered. I’ve nothing else to say about any of it at the moment, but it’s a wonderful read so far.