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some of my favorite books i read about music and culture when i was studying anthropology:

and my favorite book, but not about music:


++ a great novel:


Huh, that Listening to Noise and Silence book looks interesting, I’ll have to add it to my list :slight_smile:

I have a giant stack to read (but that’s nothing unusual), but I’m still neck deep in The Expanse book series. Super light and fluffy reading, but I’m flying through it so I’ll be done with the 5 currently available books within a week or two. It’s been fun and nice to read something less serious or intense.


Nicolas Colins – Hacking the CD Player

Found this via @Rodrigo’s The Chocolate Grinder (which is in and of itself a good brief read).

Fascinating notes on 25 years of CD player hacking, and early glitch music.


On that note, although a bit academic, this book was a great read:

’the system of tools and techniques by means of which people relate to their environment and secure their survival -A.Rubin


oh yes ! it’s a must read, great book indeed.


has anyone read this book? looks interesting


I love every beautiful and poetic sentence of this book.

As DJ Rupture, Jayce Clayton is famous for his Gold Teeth Thief mix.

And you shouldn’t miss the Sufi Plugins


scanned + filing away to read when i have time

you can get a head start



"So, let us define computer music as music created using a computer that could not have been made without the use of a computer.
=abbey road/Beatles is tape music
a la Stockhausen


The leisurely language of the academic, makes me sad about the rushed pace of my own financially motivated tedium.


So far, so good! :slight_smile:



just ran into some pretty brutal aliasing nasties on an aleph subtractive synthesis DSP experiment (aka voder). Much chatter online about the mysterious ‘polyblep’ algorithm for digging oneself out of this hole… Well this blog post has the spells:

There’s what looks like an awesome clear recipe on there to summon this mythical beast - pretty handy trick!

i stumbled on this and read it with different eyes after conversing with @AudioObscura

this is why i love dialogue and the open pathways it can create


“My work is about witnessing performance,” Morris explains. "It’s about acknowledging where these gestures that we mimic come from. It’s about the structure behind it. It may seem flippant but actually they are often from a dark, more sinister place


great blog, always interesting stories


this is important