Superberry - first synth release


The first release from Fors, started by Ess Mattison of Elektron fame and Felisha Ledesma.

Off to an interesting start!


… Guess it’s time to start using Live again… :eyes:


Finally got to sit down with and I wouldn’t necessarily say I’m a software synth type as I like to step away from the computer a bit, but I’ve been super intrigued and couldn’t help but give it a whirl. 30 minutes quickly disappeared as I played around with the various parameters and playing with the sequencer and delays. It’s a very beautiful sounding synth.

A little ambient jam as a result:


Do I read it correctly, that the styled UI with the sequencer overview is only on Mac OS? And on Win it’s a the m4l interface?

Yup! It’s also not a plug-in.

… yet. Not that I can speak for Ess, but on the elektronauts forum, he mentioned that he’s open to working on a vst / plug-in version. iOS not out of the question either, but he admits that this would be quite an undertaking.

edit: @mwilliams - I have to say, that tune is really nice. I feel like superberry would be fun to use with orca.


Thanks! And yeah, it was very immediate with the super clean UI (I’m also admittedly not very musical if that makes any sense… so I’ll take all the help I can get to make a sequence sound good). It didn’t take long before things started to click. I’ve been watching a lot of old interviews with Ess once he left Elektron (well, some not so old) just to try to figure out what we might see first from Fors and I’m definitely not disappointed.

There’s also a demo now, so would highly recommend folks play with it (limit of 4 voices compared to the 12 in the full version, plus some audio gaps). Really fun change of pace for sure.

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