Superbooth 2019 - meetup?


I’m planning to attend superbooth in Berlin this year - and I was thinking it would be fun to try and make it into a bit of lines meetup.

So, are you going? If so what day are you planning to attend?


I will be there for the whole superbooth, will try to visit some stuff outside too. A meet-up would be fun :sunglasses:


I do have tickets and all but no clear plans yet…but I’ll keep watching this place so that I can chime in once I know more…

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I’m attending all days…


If I’m not going (I have resisted before) my friends are going to unfriend me so this year I will have to. So let’s meet!


me and @kkempes are planning too, let’s meet guys!!!


I’m attending all days. Meetup sounds fun.


As of now, I’ll be there for all 3 days. Might be working a bit at a booth, but I’ll be there. Really looking forward to it! Would be cool to put faces to the names I see across so many synth forums!

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Count me in. I’ll be attending all three days.


I’ll be there all three days. Probably working on either Shakmat or ADDAC System booths (or both). We’ll see. I haven’t been around lines a long time but it’s always nice to meet people you talk to in forums!


Bumping this in case there’s still intetest in a meetup.
I’ll be there on Friday only though.


I am too gonna be at superbooth, Thursday and Friday. Meet up sounds great!

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Would be nice to meet in person! I’ll be at the Softube booth from Thursday to Saturday, and also play a Gesprächskonzert on Friday at 18:00 and a live show at Seebühne on Saturday from 14:30. Holler!


Looking forward to this :slight_smile: A meetup on Friday sounds good to me!


Let’s grab a coffee or a beer. Glad you can make it!


I’ll be there as well! Friday evening and all of saturday.

Are you all going for boat shuttle from the centre? Seems a bit cumbersome by public transport but I might miss the 15 o clock boat on friday…


I’ll be there as well with the winter modular booth,
lines meetup sounds good,
anyways, say hi if you visit us! we will have some good news


Despite creating this thread - I’m actually not going to be at superbooth, which is sad - I will however probably be moving to Berlin shortly afterwards. So in 2020…


I land Friday but will be at the event all day Saturday. Getting the boat.

I’ll have my laptop with me as I’m giving a few TidalCycles demos over the days, so if anyone is interested in a beer and seeing how amazing it is, give me a shout.


Not sure if I’m actually going to the fair, but would love to meet. Happy to help organise a lines meetup outside of Superbooth as well. A friend of mine has a small event space (in Kreuzberg) which we could use on evening of Friday the 10th. There are some loudspeakers so we could even make some music in an informal setting? Any interest?