Superbooth 2020 stream - Live

Hainbach and co. are streaming Superbooth 2020 content right now!

In which Single Malt Synthesis and our friend DivKid welcome boutique manufactures from the world of synthesis to show their wares live on stream. It’s like Superbooth, but no one has to wear hard pants. Join in the stream and ask your questions, we will try to answer as many as possible. This is a pro-bono event with no sponsors, so any tip via Superchat is welcome, or support the channel via

TIMELINE 17:30 Patch Point 18:00 Purrtronics 18:30 SDS Digital 19:00. Music Thing Modular 19:30 Koma Elektronik 20:00 Gould Caseworks 20:30 LPZW Modules 21:00 Single Malt Synthesis hangout with special guests

Empress is showing off the Zoia Euroburo right now


Massive time suck to watch, though.

That forthcoming filter bank from Purrtronics is mighty intriguing.


No other way this would realistically pan out. 20-minute videos would’ve been impossible to do live. Plus it’s timed so you can more or less tune in when a manufacturer of your choice is on! :vulcan_salute:


Tom Whitwell, nice! Catching up on his segment.

I always find it overwhelming trying to keep up with coverage of these big events like Superbooth - usually just look at a recap when the dust has settled, so to speak.

I do find these livestreams easier on the ears than the usual booth-side interviews/shouting matches that accompany these events!


I really like @TomWhitwell’s miniminisupermini midi controller. I hate that sometimes my midi controllers are bigger than the machines they are controlling :smiley:


Plus you can ask burning questions from your living room which is nice :slight_smile:


You can always ask them here!


They don’t have the same gravitas unless DivKid mediates :joy:


I have one question, that I missed if it was asked yesterday: will the minimidi controller include an accelerometer? I saw a video somewhere with a midi-cc box controlling the Nord2 drum machine with a deluge of cc’s :slight_smile: - could be fun, if this one could be used for that?!

Oh - and with the next iteration just arriving from China, it will probably be a couple of months before we see it at Thonks, right?

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My latest PCB revision has an accelerometer + some extra flash for more complex programs, although it’s still sitting on my laptop, hopefully will be off to prototyping in next week, but can’t guarantee it will work first time…


My brains instantly thinks of the words wrist strap.

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