Superbooth 2022 (Berlin, May 12-14)

Hey! I’ll be in Berlin May 10-15 with Pittsburgh Modular for Super Booth.

I’ve been doing a long running livesteam with Pitt Mod’s Richard Nicol
that morphed into a collaboration series called Synchronized: with Soy Sos
I run a small mostly percussion focused modular rack augmented with ios sequencing
and sampling, and then share clock with my collaborators running the range from low tempo
dubbyness to high octane techno. I’ve been in discussion with one of our collaborators,
Berlin based artist, Ixa, Login • Instagram about doing a set together somewhere and they’re checking around within their contacts. I thought I’d check in here
to see if anything interesting popped up. I’ll be traveling with my modular case, a couple effects pedals, ipad, audio interface and cables. The only thing I’d need would be a decent 12 channel mixer in solid working order. Minimum specs would be flexible preamps, 3 band EQ, at least 2 aux sends (one pre fader, one post fader), mutes and PFL. Obviously a space with a nice PA with subs and good monitoring is lovely. I have some recordings to share that someone looking to connect could test out and practice with and could even share Ableton sessions sync’d with Link complete with live tempo changes.
So looking forward to seeing Berlin and meeting all the beautiful folks in the scene.
I’ll be at the Pittsburgh booth all day during the show, so please do drop by and say hi.

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I was only in Berlin for a week in 2019, but it made a few impressions.

Schneiders Laden is the synthiest place I’ve ever seen. Room after room of knobs and lights and gizmos. You simply must go.

Patch Point is far smaller, but I believe it’s where all of the Ciat Lonbarde instruments in Europe are made. There was a kalimba I saw there that I still regret not buying.

The Turkish market in Kreuzberg was fascinating, but mostly for buying groceries. But tasty looking things everywhere you look.

The food we truly miss now was at Sahara Imbiss. Berlinburger was good, and had turkey burgers and fritz-kola (local hipster Coke). The cheesecake at Five Elephant is a revelation.

The Ramones Museum was my personal favorite. The David Hasselhof “museum” was a goofy loving tribute. In our opinion, the only Berlin Wall exhibit worth seeing was at Nordbahnhof station, about the Ghost Stations that the split caused. But I’m a bit of a train nerd, so maybe not for all.

I have more recommendations than I expected, it turns out!

Meet Iggy Pop and David Bowie.


I’m going to be there tomorrow. Who might also be there? :slight_smile: