Supercollider and monome help


I"m going through the grid studies for supercollider and the sequencer works great. I just want to make it do something else besides trigger one synth, like change arguments of a granulator perhaps. When I change the “trigger something” section to try to set an arguement of a synthdef that i’ve added I get a message saying “noff must be 0 or 1”. I have a basic lack of understanding of what this code is doing. At this point i’d like to just be able to at least change the arguements of a synthdef with set by pressing a button on the monome. If anyone can help me with that i’d be very thankful.

you have to be able to access the synth once it is living on the server which you do by giving it a name (storing it into a variable). then you can call .set on that variable. setting arguments with the grid could look something like that (be careful with the volume when trying out any code :wink: )

setSynthArg.scd (527 Bytes)

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This doesn’t seem to be doing anything on my machine. I have an older monome so that might be a possibility, I know some of the code is different. This should be changing the freq of the synth correct? The other part that confuses me, and is also in the other example code, is the if statements. Message 3 is the y cords correct? Is the 1 that it == the on state?

just to be sure: you first have to evaluate the upper block of code with the SynthDef in it and then the lower block with the OSCdef. they are enclosed separately.
message[3] is giving on/off, 1/0. the “message” variable is an array which contains [path, x, y, state(on/off)]. so the if statement is to make sure that the frequency only changes when you press, not when you release.

I’m having a strange monome connectivity issue. Sometimes it connects and works fine and others it doesn’t. I tried to restart the computer to see if this other patch i was working on would run smoother and now the monome isn’t responding how it should.