SuperCollider workshop in Montreal, March 27

I recently registered for a workshop on this spatial performance tool for SuperCollider called Live 4 Life. The workshop is at McGill in Montreal on March 27, and it looks like it’s offered on other dates as well.

More information on the workshop here:

And on the software:

I heard about this on the SC forum. Maybe I’ll see some of you there!


Hey! I am actually going to be in Montreal for the first time from the 23rd - 31st. Any suggestions on cool stuff to do? My partner has compiled an amazing list but I was hoping there might be some hidden gem kind of things we haven’t found yet.

Three things I really miss:

pizza at Il Focolaio (among the best I’ve had anywhere in the world)
veg breakfast poutine at L’Oeufrier (many locations)
pinball at North Star arcade (up the street from Moog Audio)

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Appreciate your suggestions!