How on earth did I miss this?

Astounding/Astonishing/Unbelievable work!!!


Such a great script. @infinitedigits Any plans to add simple grid/midigrid support? OR…I wonder if the supertonic engine could be swapped into an existing grid-supported app.


thanks for the kind words @spqr6510.

yeah that’s totally possible! I suppose the path of least resistance would be to simply add a new parameter into this file that is simply a trigger that activates that sound. that way you can midi map that parameter and use your midi to play it.

also this might be of interest - the whole supertonic/microtonic emulator is available to use via SuperCollider. that’s might be a bit easier to hook up to MIDI directly because you can just use the IDE to edit patches.

no plans for grid support, would be cool though! if someone wants to add it I can definitely help and merge it in. as for swapping into an existing app it is possible. it depends on how much stuff from supertonic but you can just use this class file and import the engine to get the most basic components / sounds.


brilliant, thanks so much for your response! i’ll take a stab at adding midi trigger functionality. :grin:

thanks for the incredible script and all the work you’ve done to port microtonic to norns. literally a dream come true!


Hey! Just bumping this thread, has anyone made the midi / crow out for the sequencer yet?

A bit off-topic (and very late to the party), but I just (finally) invested in the uTonic plugin, and I have to say, I’m amazed by the variety of sounds you can get from such an apparently simple set of parameters.

I’m not surprised you found there was some very clever stuff going on, @infinitedigits, and well done in your effort to reverse-engineer Magnus’ magic!