Support needed - early 64 walnut dropping connection

I have a used walnut 64 that is likely from ~2009. I am using it primarily with pages’ Ableton scene launcher through serialosc. When I first got it, it would frequently drop the connection and would lose the ability to communicate with Ableton. There was a thread on here that I can’t seem to find where someone suggested using an externally powered usb hub to use with the monome. I got a Vantec 4 Port externally powered usb hub that uses a 12V adaptor. This was a massive help. The connection was way more stable and it rarely dropped… but it’s still not 100%. If I have the usb plugged in to a crappy power bar, it will lose the connection. This is okay, for the most part, because at home I can plug into my good power bar that’s plugged in the outlet. However, I just played live and had the connection drop. Once it loses its connection, if I re-plug in the monome and start pages again, it can control ableton but it will not receive the midi clock from ableton. Luckily, it was at a natural break point where I was able to restart everything and have it work… but not an ideal situation.

This is the reason I got the monome and it sucks that I’m going to need to look into replacing it unless I can sort this out.
If it isn’t already obvious, I don’t know much about power. I would really appreciate any help that allows me to use this beautiful piece of equipment with confidence.

Alternatively, anybody know how to set up midi fighter classic to work like pages’ Ableton scene launcher?

Big thanks,

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what computer and OS are you using? you shouldn’t be having power problems like this.

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MSI apache pro GE72 running windows 10

what year? do you know if it has USB 2.0 or 3.0 ports?

i’m sorry to say this is not promising territory to debug. try reinstalling the driver direct from FTDI (this one is 64bit)

the 8x8 grid does not draw an excess of current-- the problem is likely with the USB chipset of the computer or some other weird business. or windows 10 in general.

the point is-- you’ll need to run tests and take notes on what happens when. i need to see symptoms and circumstances for a lost connection, else i have nothing to go on.

and not to dissuade you, but if clip-launching is the goal you could likely get an ableton-approved device (launchpad/etc) for less than the resale of a used 64.

The laptop is from 2016, I’m using the usb 3.0 port, it also has a 2.0 port.
I’ll try reinstalling the driver later today and observe when the lost connection occurs.

Yeah, I’m thinking of looking into alternatives for scene launching. In terms of reselling, I’d need to figure out if the unit itself is faulty or if it is something else in my setup.

try different USB cables. be sure to use the 2.0 port. it’s very likely not an issue with the grid, unless the USB port is loose/cracked/something

I’ve tried different usb cables. I’ll try using the 2.0 port, although I’m sure I did when the problem first arose. Unfortunately, the usb hub doesn’t have any 2.0 ports so I’ll bypass that. Glad it’s not likely an issue with the grid at least.
Thanks for your replies

Yo @JKiss I use pages with a monome 64. We oughta stick together :stuck_out_tongue:
I also frequently lose response from my grid on occasion. The difference is when I unplug and replug back in, the patch is usually stable. It took me a long time to make sure I had everything properly installed and files saved in the right place (although I’m on a mac) to get pages at %100 functionality. Some combinations of pages will totally mess with my monome connection and Ill have to totally restart my computer to gain monome connection again.

There are a lot of awesome useful tools in pages. I particularly like the keys page and I like to use the triggers page to play a drum rack. I use external apps via pages the most. Having an extra layer of pattern recorders is awesome.

So I was able to get it working without dropped connections for a good while. Instead of running serialosc as a service with hotplugging, I ran the serialoscd.exe.
It was holding the connection for much longer than before. I was letting it run and checking in on it occasionally. UNTIL … my apartment is carpeted and when I went to touch it, I gave it a good shock from the static electricity, now that row of buttons does not work. Those button LEDs will light up when it is plugged in, but in pages monome display, those buttons do not light up when I press them.
Did I just fry this thing?

email for repair