Support your local Teletype and Ansible dev

Can’t clean code? Clean up the internet!

If you are looking for ways to support in any way to somebody who has done a lot of heavy lifting for this community, this merits your attention.


That’s awful.

What do you suggest doing?

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I just tried to look closely at what was stated in the thread. Show your support especially if you are a user on the platform. I suggest you skim through the accounts mentioned to find the five most hateful and sadistic tweets, flag and report them. It took me roughly 15-20 minutes to do.


first of all - thank you, i really appreciate the support. but i don’t know how i feel about using lines for this kind of thing. those who follow me on twitter know that i regularly call out anti LGBTQ2S content and i’m comfortable doing it now after several years of mostly keeping quiet on the platform. donno if i want to drag lines into what is my activism however. some of these people are pretty nasty. i would hate to bring that nastiness here, to one of very few online safe places.

another important point - if you feel like helping with this request, please do so only if you consider it fair, not out of respect for me. i don’t want a pile up (and i realize the initial request is kinda that, but at least it’s within that medium, and the parties involved are aware of my tweet). and to this extent - yes, i’ve given considerable consideration on whether reporting somebody and trying to silence them is the right way to go. i don’t think it always is. yes, sometimes a debate is better. sometimes it’s better to leave some hateful comments be, to serve as a reminder. but sometimes stopping hateful message from spreading is what needs to be done. i’m used to old tired standard homophobia, but there are things that make my blood boil, and groups that actively work on harming my community. they should not be allowed to spread their hate.


I appreciate the desire not to attract evil to Lines…

That said, if any of us want to engage these folks on Twitter, there’s no obvious association with lines there…

I am on Twitter but I never post there, I find it a pretty toxic place… but I support you, and I cannot stand hateful treatment of those who haven’t earned it, so I’m inclined to think about how I can help with this…

Thanks for your efforts and care!