Survey (m4l)


M4L performance modulation and creative snapshots manager

Survey allows you to have any 16 parameters in your Live set mapped and modulated within seconds. In terms of speed and efficiency, it’s a multi-mapping dream-world and performance modulation paradise. Equally adept at both randomized scrambling and careful preset management, this device is sure to lend a number of extra hands in your sound design process.

I sold my Voltage Block, and I really miss it. The whole idea of “patch surveillance” in modular was a source of constant inspiration for me and I haven’t yet found a suitable substitute in Live. So I set about building my own version as a Max for Live device. This is basically that, with the bonuses of some uniquely fast and intuitive mapping system, a modulatable step selector, built-in sequencer, and a whole lot of visual feedback.

As someone who has fallen into a regrettable sort of isolationism in my learning over the last year or two, I’m looking to course-correct, source more feedback, and pass on the tools/ideas/learnings that come out of my various projects. In that way, I look at this as the first step in my passage from observer to contributor in this community, so please share any and all thoughts about this device!


Live Suite, or Max for Live


User Guide.pdf


v0.2.4 - Download via Dropbox


This looks amazing, can’t wait to try it. Great work !!

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This looks cool. Does it work in Live 9? Also, can it scan through the presets in a “linear” manner instead of “stepping” similarly to RxMx or MI Frames but with big Live macros? That would be even cooler!

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Whoa yes this looks great! Can’t wait to check it out. Thank you for sharing!

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Haven’t tried on 9 and don’t believe any of the beta testers used it, but would frankly love to know! If you give it a shot, let me know how it turns out.

Re: the linear mode, if I understand the idea correctly, that’s not a feature but one I’d love to implement in a future update. I tried to approximate this by the general slew, but if you use this device heavily with an external modulation source (which is one of my favorite capabilities this has), then that would be a very, very welcome feature indeed! I wrote it into my roadmap/notes. It should be pretty straightforward to implement into what I already have structured there. Thanks for suggesting that!

this ui looks :ok_hand:


Thanks! Jsui made a massive splash when I finally started using it in my patches. Really just let’s my ideas manifest at a really exciting rate.

i’ve been in production rabbit hole so things are piling up that i want to explore and hopefully implement. this device looks amazing. hoping it works on live 9 as well! thank you!!! :deer:

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Awesome, yeah let me know how it goes. Hoping it works with 9 too :crossed_fingers:

having 20 LFOs running on my tracks has been extremely taxing to my computer lately, this is quite literally what i needed =)


What continues to impress me about this device is how it seemingly doesn’t care how many channels of modulation you have running, or at what rate, or, indeed, across how many instances of the device you load. Bit of exaggeration there, of course, but I’ve gone from 1 to 16 parameters mapped at signal rate with lose to negligible impact on CPU. As an early test, I ran 100 channels of modulation across 7 instances of the device and it cost something like 11%-14%.
Will have to revisit if that was a fluke, but the point of course is it’s dead efficient. I mean, hats off to the makers of Live, Max, and the API that lets them talk.

iirc the lfos are using msp signals which might explain cpu load vs this app

in theory one might be able to make a more efficient / less accurate lfo using messages

hospital_food uses messages


Dang this looks great.

Okay well I just spent about 20 minutes getting familiar with Survey and I’m pretty sure it will be in every Live project I make from now on. A very useful and powerful device. Fantastic work! :slight_smile:

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This is an incredible addition to the already incredible control devices for live. I use the LFO on pretty much everything I create these days. I can see this becoming a big goto device for me too!

Excited to see what else you create and share with us.

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You’re honestly not the first person to tell me that, but it really makes me smile. Enjoy!

Nice! I really love that it lets you take a primary controller (your LFO) and have it have a little influence across a ton of parameters and just one or two critical and really obvious parameters (that you presumably would have applied them to anyway). That ripple effect and “single source of truth” produces a very musical coherence in my experience


Beautiful interface and super useful. I’m away from the modular and have been using ableton quite a lot lately. This is great (purchased). :grinning:

So great! Thanks a ton !!

This is great! Thanks, @pATCHES! I love that you added the min/max mode, that makes all the difference in the world. Looking forward to creating some evolving patches with this.

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