Survivalist Electronics

I was going to troll with this link but thought better of it. On the other hand the concept of ‘survivalist electronics’ definitely deserves it’s own thread!

to my eye this is truly beautiful - point-to-point wiring, plywood panels everywhere, sharpie graphics, bolts & alligator clips instead of jacks. Even better - the inventor drives it using tidal/emacs & prototyped using puredata.

So yeah, share tips & tricks here to keep on hacking after the government comes for your pcbs!


wow i love this! thanks for sharing and starting the convo.

Reminds me of Look Mum No Computer’s stuff a bit. I love this aesthetic and wait, what?! Driven by Tidal/emacs?! <clicks link really hard> Ohhh! I’ve seen this guy’s videos before but nothing was documented yet.

Sweet! Can’t wait to learn more from all this.


This topic led me to eurorack years ago. I decided things were looking grim and I should learn archery and ham radio for the impending end times. I shot arrows for a while but realized the only people you can talk to on ham radio were ham radio people (sorry ham radio people). At some point I realized the radio learning I’d done wasn’t so different than synthesizers.

Now I talk to a lot of synth enthusiasts. Only a small step up from ham radio enthusiasts. :wink:


I just saw this a couple days ago and was looking for the right place to put it – I think this will do.

Edit: It’s a bit of a hijack but it’s a great video!


BRB, sourcing carbon rods.

Seriously though I may just play around with this idea with modular 3d-printed cells.