Switch between patches from the monome grid in an Ableton live set

Hello everyone! I’ve been looking for a way to move between a couple of Monome m4l patches straight from the grid itself. According to what I found on the web there’s currently no way to do that, now that SerialOSC made Pages incompatible with the protocol, but I find it to be quite strange and would like to know if I’m the one who is missing something.

I’m currently using the laptop keyboard midi mapped to the tracks containing the patches (which all have Autofocus set on “Track”) so I can actually switch but is kind of tricky during a live performance which also involves other gears I have to keep an eye on.

Is there any hint about this? I’m using a Monome GreyScale 64

hi @Ste_v

look here, maybe it helps.

Thank you, although I already checked that thread before submitting mine :slight_smile:

Hello again, resurrecting this thread to check out if anyone has come up with a solution :slight_smile: