Switch & Grids Normal Behaviour

I’m a bit puzzled by Switch. When I connect it to the power, it doesn’t starts the grid until I switch on my case. But isn’t Switch isolated from the case? So it cannot be receiving extra power from it, isn’t it? So how does it ‘know’ if the case is switched on or off? Or is it Grids, that doesn’t switch on until it gets a signal from Meadowphysic?

Your second thought is the right one. Switch only powers the grid, it doesn’t display anything on the grid. That’s why it looks To you like it’s not doing anything.

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Ah, thanks. I’m using an adaptor to connect Switch to UK power, so I was not sure if that behaviour was due to it.

Do you have a link to the power adapter you’re using by any chance? I also need to get one in the UK.

i finally have my trilogy and switch all setup in my case… was wondering about grid response for others.

for instance:

  • when unplugging from one module to the next does the previous modules lit pads stay lit until you plug into the next module?
  • does the grid flicker once when connecting to the next module?

I’m using a standard UK adaptor with the power supply it came with Switch, and all seems well. This is the one I’m currently using:


But now I’m also thinking to connect it to a 4ms Row Power, so I can have one less cable hanging from my cases.

Yeah I think if I ever grow out of my current case, then a 6U with 4ms Row Power will be the way I go too.

Cheers for the link. In the end I found a suitable UK power supply in amongst my clutter drawer.