Switch Octaves in Ansible/Meadowphysics?

Dear Lines-Community,

I just resently joined the tribe with a grid/ansible combo and am currently spending my time with meadowphysics (which is a blast).

I think, I understand the basics of the scale editor and came up with a decent set of notes. Now I just would like to switch octaves on this scale. Is this possible somehow?


As far as I’m aware this is not possible I’m afraid. Though I agree that something like this would be useful. Work around is to run it through a precision adder like Beasts Chalkboard or Disting. Or you can programme scales so they spread out over a few octaves to get a bit more range.

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Thanks. Yeah, I used disting as a precission adder and it works great. But of course I would like to free it up for other dutiea if possible.