Switch Power Supply?

Picked up the Monome Switch super excited to use it and my WW only problem is it didn’t come with the power supply. I see the all this.
+9v to +24v DC output
1.2A (or greater)
2.1mm Barrel connector

But I am having trouble finding the right one im also afraid of buying the wrong one (I have blown stuff up in the past) Any one know online where I could find the right power adapter? Wanted to ask y’all before I bug Monome to sell me one :slight_smile:

why didn’t your switch come with a supply? did you get it second hand?


Thanks so much. Yeah I got it off the trade list. Hope to get a earthsea form you direct soon. Also still want to get you out to philly sorry that thing at the Hacktory never panned out they seemed a little stretched thin when we last talked. Hopefully down the road we can get something going!

ah, hello jerry! and oh no worries-- it’s been an insanely busy year for us as well. would love to make it down in the future.

I’m rummaging through my bag of UK power adapters to find one suitable for switch, and have a pretty basic question about power supplies.

The switch power supply spec asks for “+9v to +24v DC output”.

My understanding of this is that it’s talking about an acceptable range, and my adapter with +12v DC output will be fine (it meets the other requirements).

This seems obvious enough for me to feel a little silly asking, but I’d love to get some confirmation before I do anything stupid.

Confirmed. +12V will work. It’ll need to deliver at least 1A.

Be sure the plug is center-positive. The Switch is protected against barrel-positive so there’s no issue if it’s wrong.

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Excellent, thank you. monome modules here we go!

I have a Monome switch that came with the US power supply. It works in Europe, too. But I need an adapter for our local plugs in order to use it.

And since I have yet to buy one, I was thinking about buying an European power supply instead. Do any of you guys have such a PSU and could post a link?


9v or 12v is fine. around 1A. center positive. 2.1mm barrel

Thank you. If my math is correct, this one should work then. (It’s from Ableton Push 2).

Just to answer myself: The Push psu didn’t work.

weird, perhaps the barrel size is wrong.

I found the error. It was not the psu but a loose solder spot: The little three-pin thing that is mounted behind the psu plug was not fully attached. But I was able to fix it with my very limited diy skills.

Now everything is running smoothly.