Switch with Grid *and* Arc?

Can I use Switch with Earthsea and Ansible if I plan to use a Grid with Earthsea and an Arc with Ansible simutaneously?

Thank you. I’m sure there is a simple answer that my addled mind is just not seeing at the moment.

You will just use Switch with Earthsea. Ansible does not require the 5v current that Switch provides.

So does the arc plugged directly into the ansible not have the same vulnerabilities (noisiness and much higher current pull) as a grid plugged straight into one of the trilogy modules?

I’ve had a similar question regarding using the arc and grid together in the same system. I have isms with the grid plugged into the strip. Eventually, I would like to add arc. I would plug that straight into the ansible and keep the grid in the isms strip. Would there be any issues with that? Has anybody done that yet?

I’ve been using grid w/ the isms switch and arc w/ ansible w/o issue

You’d just want to be sure that you aren’t at the limits of your 12v supply, as ansible makes 5v off the rail 12v to power the arc/grid (when arc/grid is not powered by a switch or external power). I think isms power supply is pretty substantial for one row though, so you should be in good shape

Thank you. That is helpful! Pretty much what I expected, but it is good to hear it works in practice!

So @bobbcorr, I think you would want to plug arc into ansible and grid into switch into earthsea. Then you could offload the grid’s current pull, but you will have to be aware of how much current the ansible is pulling with arc plugged in. That gives you the flexibilty to hotswap the grid into ansible and connect the other switch output to a computer (or another ansible :upside_down:)

Does anyone know if grid or arc pulls more current than the other?

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Thanks! I almost think it would be better to plug the Arc and Grid into a USB hub with an A/B switch, then plug that into Switch. That way I could alternate between using the Arc and Grid on Ansible via the switch on the hub without having to unplug anything into Switch. I can’t imagine there is any problem with plugging an Arc into an Earthsea beyond the fact that Nothing Would Happen.