Switching apps / Splitting grids

Hello lines,

I hope to find some answers to the question some of us seem to have since a while:

So what would be the best / most usable / easiest way to split a grid or alternatively to switch between apps in 2019?

Some of you still use pages (@pauk ?) with success, right? Apart from the fact that it seems pretty complicated to set up, will it run on the latest MacOs (which is 64 bit only)? Is pages still the way to go for using multiple apps in parallel?

There was ‘griddle’ but there doesn’t seem to be an actual version.

What would be the way to go if you are, as me, without the slightest programming skills?

Thanks for your help
Best from Berlin

Pages does not support varibright.

Most are either using Max for Live devices with autofocus to switch between “apps”, or a few are using pymonome to do splitting/spanning things (but this only works with apps written in pymonome).

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This thread make’s me think “Hemisphere for Norns”


Thanks Jason. But as I said even thinking about getting into new stuff really scares me at the moment. I am dealing with a lot of stuff right now and therefore am looking for an easier way. sorry for being so ignorant. It’s more that I feel I have limited energy ressources.

The point is, I am going perform for the first time with grid and arc and spoken poetry in november. I have a ton of questions, but my first one was this. How will I be able to use different monome apps like ré:mix, mark eats séquenceur, flin, meadowphysics etc in parallel on my 256 ?

Well, seems more work/time than I hoped

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You won’t be able to use Mark Eats Sequencer with the others. There is a version of flin as M4L devices in the Terms package.


re:mix and terms both support autofocus.

I believe these apps may only use 128 of your 256, but I can’t recall with certainty. I’m not aware of a M4L version of meadowphysics, but I’d love to be wrong.

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Here it is https://llllllll.co/uploads/default/original/2X/d/dd9b5a7c69d6082152d66ac589e5b88b6c703f3c.amxd

@anzym and @fluxsta how did you solve it?

Do you think it is possible to get pages running on MacOs Mojave with Ableton10 ?

hi there, yes, i’m still using pages 2 on latest mac os, no problems at all
i’m using it mainly to control my liveset on ableton, with quadrants pages, mixing clip launchers, faders, keyboards, triggers, and as external apps i’m only using a 256 version of obo these days, nothing really fancy at first glance, but working extremely well on my side, since I have my live setup built around it.
Pages has a lot of potential itself, with midi controllers of all kind, pattern recorders for every control, step sequencers, bad thing is the way we used to map external apps is pretty obsolete with latest versions.
And a big shame for me was not to have a 64 bit version of Molar


Thanks for the input @pauk ! Yes I saw a video of one of your live performances at Sonar2017. Absolutely stunning how you take control via 256 and Arc.

What do you mean with “quadrants pages”? Do you mean quadrants via ext. app page or some built in page? I could not find any “quadrants page” in the latest version…

For all of you who missed the video, it’s really worth a watch:


pages is really neat if you use ableton, if you use build15 of markeats seq it works fine with pages 2.

as pauk says though, the autoconfig doesn’t work through pages, but in a live situation i prefer pages as it’s harder to know which channel you’re on in ableton than simply switch directly on the monome (i don’t use a display). m4l patches can be converted back to static ports fairly easily as well (to be used in pages).

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Thank you for the Link! This is really helpful and I didn’t know this tutorial existed.
I’ll try to dig my way through all of this and get back as soon as I have specific questions.

I really agree with your statement to pefer smth like pages / switching app directly via the grid, compared to being disorientated finding your channels in the Ableton Live window and since I will mainly be performing poems I think a display would equally be distractive.

Since my idea is building my performance setup from the ground up using Ableton, all your input is very helpful.

Best from Berlin

hi kza, yes pages 2 has a built in page called quadrants where you can load 4 different pages/apps :+1:

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on a tangential note: are people having problems with app switching on the gridlab apps ? it’s been all over the place for me but I’m also not using a varibright like it’s made for

All is good with gridlab for me. Thanks @stretta for this amazing work!

Couldn’t find a good solution at that time and now I don’t own a grid anymore … hope you find what you need.

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Does anybody see a possibility to split a 256 and run ‘control’ by @ithkaa in the upper half and various (track focused) terms-apps in the lower half?

– A love letter to PAGES –

Almost a year since my initial question and I thought it might be worth getting back to it. I assume there are some rookies like me out there still interested in splitting their grid but not able to do it or confused by the whole setup process.

I spent the last days in a residency with @pauk in Madrid. Since he always used @phortran pages to make his 256 the controlling hub of his setup (no matter if laptop or modular synth) I asked for his help setting it up and here comes the motivational part: I am on a Macbook Pro 2018 and it works (not with variable brightness but well… I don’t need this).

I highly encourage people to try it out. It might be kinda oldish and Java without a fancy design UI but it’s a monster. @pauk works with midi trigger pages, midi loopers, step sequencers, fader pages, clip or scene launchers and even pages for the Arc where the switching is controlled by the grid. Some examples he got working with external application pages: Raptor, Flin, Obo, Polygome, Press Café etc.

It would be so great to have pages updated and future proof.
Thank you @phortran and thank you @pauk ! The possibilities are still mind blowing.



I allheartedly agree and wish I could code this but it’s wayyy above anything I could acheive.

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Hi, Is it possible to use software to split a 128 into a 64 on the left and a 64 on the right?

It would be cool to run both a clip selector (a la Push) and a Maxforlive app like Anaphora simultaneously off one controller.

So reading up in this thread it seems that Quadrants could do what I want. Is this correct? Are there limits to which max patches it will support in Ableton on my MacBook?