Synalegg - Violynt Tropiqs (3OP)


I’m extremely proud to announce Violynt Tropiqs by Synalegg, one of the most essential and captivating computer musician around IMHO.

It was released yesterday, in digital (24/48 files available) and physical archive.

The music is generative, made with Synalegg’s own PD patch… but the music, rather than the compositional process, entirely steals the show : it’s stellar.

I hope you’ll love what you hear.

FYI, I co-run 3OP with eczem, and I master all the releases. We’ve released stunning EPs/LPs by Core Alter (3OP001), William Fields (3OP002), Calum Gunn (3OP003) and Notein (3OP004). You can stream and purchase them via our bandcamp :

Cheers !


Really enjoying this release so far. Your label is one of my new favorites, as you’ve been cranking out material by artists that I love. Just want to bump this thread for more visibility so that more people check it out.


Amazing release, playing it loud right now…
Thanks for sharing!

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Really, really good job !
Curious to know your creative process and the machines you use.

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Thanks so much for the very kind words !

All I can tell is that Synalegg built his own “mega patch” with Pure Data, which encompass sequencing, synthesis and mixing. Violynt Tropiqs, just like his 2021’s Computer Series is 100% generative AND unedited.

Synalegg published today a video for Mace Plover. You can watch it on his Instagram as well as on VT’s Bandcamp release page


No way. I refuse to believe this :laughing:

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I know hehe, I know :wink:

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