Sync02 - Portland - March 4th

Haven’t seen a thread for this yet, so here goes.

Sync02 is happening Portland on March 4th at Holocene. It’s an “Exhibition of Boutique Music Tech”. Lots of Euro (and other) manufacturers will be there. There are also performances planned for the evening.

Details are in this Facebook event:

The event is sponsored by Audio Damage and Control Voltage.


I will be there repping Intellijel. I’m also doing an event at Patchwerks in Seattle on Sunday the 5th if you’re there and can’t make it out to Portland.

Just a reminder for anyone in the vicinity of Portland that this will be happening this Saturday!



My buds at Lifelike Family are re-starting the Abstracted night of ambient that night on the same side of town, featuring local fave Solenoid… might be a good pre-show IYI.

I’ll be there. Likely on the early-ish side… If I see you, I’ll come say hey!

I will have a booth, so you’ll probably see me :slight_smile:

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Looks cool. If I have time and am not too tired I’ll definitely check it out. So much good music down in Portland!

Right! In that case I’ll stalk you. Are you demoing some new bits? Tetrapad?!?

Portland, Maine is a great place for this!


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Yes I’ll have the new goods we demoed at NAMM.

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Bump to encourage anyone in the area and on the fence to swing by! (I’ll be one of the early birds.)

Regardless, @kisielk et al., have fun! :thumbsup:

I was there early too - I would have thrown a lines gang sign, but the only one I can think of is too similar to a real gang sign.

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It was great to meet everyone who came by :slight_smile: despite my insane travel schedule, 3 hour border wait, and 2 hours of sleep I had a great time. Hope to come to Portland more often