Syncing Grid to External Clock via Ansible... having some issues

Hi all, i’m trying to sync my grid to the clock of the beatstep pro. I have the clock out from bsp to the clock in of my ansible, however i’m having a lot of trouble getting the steps and tempo to sync up with Kria. I’ve read the manual several times but i know i’m missing some crucial step. Does anyone else here have experience syncing clock from external sources to grid? any help is greatly appreciated :slight_smile: thanks in advance

Do you have a Reset also plugged into to Ansible coming from your beats yep?

Have you checked you T parameter on all 4 grid channels? And global division also? What exactly is out of sync?

thanks for the quick reply @Catchthehare ! I have all the loops on kria in sync, however no matter how I alter the time division, the loops will not match up to the 16 step loop of the bsp.

Hmm I’m not too sure then, whenever I have sync issues I always make sure my track “Time” and “Loop” length is set correctly in the Trigger, Note, Octave, and Duration menus.

Failing that, check the “Time” section in the documentation (key 1), and that your division multiplier (and glyphs) are set to your needs.

If you send the BSP clock to a non-ansible gate, does it sound like it’s in time? Is your BSP CV clock out set to one pulse per step? Are you using the latest BSP firmware?