Syncing monome sum to external clock?

Hey Guys after trying out the Max4LIve versions of the monome sum patches i can’t hide my frustration… the latency is absolutely insane and make a lot of things rather impossible for my real time latency compensation skills…

I’m wondering if there is a way to get monome sum syncronised to external midi clock so then i can get the responsive of monome sum but still have it synced to other hardware or DAW.

Any advices are more than appreciated!

I’ve not experienced any latency issues with any of the terms objects. Is that what you are talking about when you mention the m4l versions of sum?

And do you mean latency in regards to midi notes being sent out relative to when a pad is pushed?

When using Flin for instance i’ll press a pad and it will have a noticeable delay between the pressing and the note being executed…

Maybe if you have super low latency on ableton - and not using any plugins that are messing with your latency compensation - you might get a latency close to monome sum running on it’s own?

i’ll give another go ( i have given a few of them ) and let you know, but from my experience the m4l versions are way less responsive, at least on my laptop ( which is descent, SSD hard drive, descente RAM, etcs )…

Will try on my desktop to see if there is reasonable difference… Still would be nice to sync monome_sum to external midi clock so we don’t have to rely on max4live.

What is your “rhythm” setting in flin? Flin sends notes on release, not press. Also, what is your buffer size in ableton? I’m normally running at 128 or 256, with no perceptible latency (aside from quantization, which is related to the rhythm setting) in any of the terms objects. This is on a 2015 retina macbook, which is not a very powerful machine.

There is a version of sum that allows sync, though it may only send clock, not receive. I’ll check when I’m home with my laptop…

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on my desktop computer it works just fine… altough recording the midi track will show the notes are actually a few ticks late to the grid… need to do a little latency compensation on the track if i want the transients to fit the grid perfectly…

amazing ((

can’t wait to try again on the laptop.

The delay is very noticeable if you turn on the metronome and try to play the pad together with the first beat for instance

Are you certain you are not just missing the exact tick of the 1 and having the note trigger 1/16 late? I do find it necessary to play ahead of the beat a little when playing with quantized triggering such as with terms. I don’t think it’s due to latency quite as much as simply hitting the one just a hair late.

And it does only look like monome sum can send midi clock, not receive.

I recently hoped to garner some support to bring some fixes to sum, to no avail: Make sum great again!

I’d still love to see this great platform pushed a bit further…

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