Syncing: Octatrack, OP-1, Euro

Hi! I’ve been a bit desperate lately, trying to sync the Octatrack, the OP-1, and some Euro.

Do you know how could I make the synchronization of that gear without spending 400€ on a OPLAB?

I can do it with a computer, Ableton as master clock, (USB > CV Pal > Euro, Midi > OT, USB > OP-1), but I don’t want to turn on the computer just for that.

I also tried to sync the OP-1 with the euro following their instructions (10.8): but without success.

Any advise will be welcomed!

Not sure how the Octatrack would fit into the equation, but to sync my OP-1 to my Eurorack, I bought this little MIDI USB to DIN Converter.

I take the DIN out from that into the Midi IN on the back of my Intellijel 7U case with a uMidi and this lets the OP-1 be the master clock and the tape transport controls uMidi’s RUN output (goes high while tape is playing).

That still leaves the MIDI IN input on the hobbytronics thing open so maybe if Octatrack went in there, the OP-1 would pass it through as well?

This assumes you have MIDI DIN input on your Eurorack.


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Hey man, the OP-1 plays nicely with Eurorack. There is a mode called “PO Sync” which splits the stereo out in two:

  • L is a click track that you can send to your Eurorack
  • R is a stereo mix of the signal.

All you need is a 3,5 stereo minijack to 2 x mono minijack and you can use the OP-1 as master clock for your system. Hope this helps!


Great! It looks like a nice solution, thanks!

I have already tried to do that, connecting the click track to Ansible, but it’s not working…

needs amplifying as the OP1’s output is very low level


something that happens when the OP1 is synced to external clock and using the tape in loop mode: any drift in incoming MIDI clock will eventually accumulate because the OP1 “tape” loops to absolute positions, as in the loop in/out don’t change absolute position if the incoming tempo changes.

long story short, it works better when the OP1 is master clock and with firmware 225 it sends adequate-enough song position so as not to throw off pattern machines that understand some of it (Volca).

I use a fiddly 1st gen iConnectMidi. Not great.

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I have similar issues trying to sync OP1 directly to Ansible. My workaround is taking clock via MI Ears, and gate from there to Ansible, but would be great to be able to skip that step.

Some discussion here…

The output is too low to drive some modules, even my Tempi seems to miss a few beats here and there. One solution could be the Pico Input, it can amplify two separate signals so it would be possible to boost the click track and the mono output

I think i’m gonna surrender to Octatrack > doepfer a-190-4 and playing the op-1 old style: no syncing.

The OT can’t be a slave in order to use the pickups machines properly…

i’ve had a lot of luck manually syncing the op-1 with a digitakt and a volca. i think it’s kinda fun :slight_smile:

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