ableton live grid keyboard


essentially an upgraded version of the computer MIDI keyboard feature in Ableton Live. here, most of the computer keyboard is utilized (w/ 4 rows at 4 octaves), & the keys are quantized to a custom scale. handy for laptop-only performance setups.


Ableton Live
Max for Live
computer keyboard (the kind w/ letters)



  1. drop synecdoche.amxd in a midi track in ableton
  2. key map the ‘q’ key to disable the annoying hot swap preset shortcut thing (⌘k)
  3. select yr computer keyboard with the dropdown (this may take some trial & error)
  4. hit a key! it makes notes! the keys shown are the keys that map to notes. there’s an octave separation btw rows on the keyboard.
  5. select notes in the scale where it says scale
  6. macs only register 3 simultaneous key presses at the same time :^( only triads srry




I very sloppily threw together a 64 grid version of synecdoche that does some things I wanted it to. it’s there if u want it. goodnight.

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is there a description of intended function on synechdoche 64/layout? with the transposed grid leds it is hard to tell what is quite supposed to be happening. i am confident the buttons work as intended but i can only quite make sense of the top row. first row is seven live/midi assignable toggles and 8th is a pattern recorder. kinda genius!!! but what are all the lights going on under? seems like faders or something i can’t suss out and the orange piano down on bottom left has me provocatively puzzled post perusal.

ok i figured this one out (the 64grid version anyway). top row is toggles and 1 memory cell. the rest is midi cc notes to be assigned by little paino note on/off toggle then assigned to bottom 7 rows of grid.

fuckin rockin helpful for control