Synth body repair?

does anyone have any experience repairing the housing of a synth? my beloved juno-6 still sounds great but the shitty pressboard end caps and bottom board have finally given out - the metal front panel is now completely unattached to the housing. any help or links to how-tos would be much appreciated.

bumping this thread in case any newcomers have any ideas here!

if i can’t find anyone i might make repairing it my winter project, which would undoubtedly be a bad thing.

Nothing specific in terms of a repair place, but I’ve had good repairs/mods* done in the past from “general” workshop places by just showing up and explaining what needs to happen.

I mean, aside from a dedicated technician, most wood/metal workers can do what needs to get done.

*I had a stainless steel fretboard made from a metal scrap place
*Bought 316L stainless steel to make a cymbal with
*Had someone weld together sections of a monome drum mount/stand


In addition to @Rodrigo’s suggestion, a bit of web searching for “synth repair” does return some east coast (and even NC) results, with varying degrees of apparent relevant experience. And a web search for “juno synth parts” returned some results as well. And there’s the idea of buying a broken Juno to cannibalize. I guess it depends on your criteria for a job well done, which way you’d go.

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Just wanted to say that I promise, I totally googled “synth repair” before posting this thread the first time. Didn’t find much then, but it does seem that there are some more results now, which is promising.

I’m mainly just worried about breaking the thing by taking it apart (or someone else doing so), which is a fear I’ll probably just need to get over.

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plausible outcome when you remove any old pcb-based thingy from it’s enclosure! Definitely I would reccomend trying a screws-and-glue repair to the pressboard housing before anything that could stress the pcb (I guess pressboard is what we’d call MDF in the UK).

If you post some pictures showing how the metal front-panel has come loose, maybe able to offer some tips on how to bodge it back to life before the existing rot spreads - my solutions tend to be ugly but mechanically sound. If you’re going to rehouse the thing I’d advise trying to obtain a full schematic or repair manual & be prepared to beg borrow or steal an oscilloscope before proceeding down that route…


I know Logan (AKA LowGain) does custom synth repairs and all sorts of stuff like that, when he is not designing and building new euro modules. Might be worth reaching out to him?