Synth knob twiddling/jamming meetups in Europe?

Hi all!

Whilst I like spending evenings just trying out synths and trying to get a song together :stuck_out_tongue: I noticed I do miss some interaction and other people around me during this process.

So I was wondering if anyone knows if there are synth based meetups/jamming “meetups” in Europe (I live in the Netherlands).
It doesn’t really matter to me if it’s hardware or software, I’d be happy with anything :slight_smile:

If there are more people interested and there doesn’t exist anything yet, maybe we can start one?

there’s a synth event in Turin (italy) this week end


Nice! We’re off to a quick and good start! I think that’s this one

Can’t make it myself unfortunately since I’m going on vacation :wink:

CV Freqs in London on November 25th

Bells n Whistles in Cambridgeshire November 18th

Superbooth in Berlin May 2018