Synth Panels Designer, FREE UI design software for synths and audio

Hi! I’m Francesco from Soundmit/Faselunare
I developed an extension for inkscape (free and open source) to draw panels for hardware and software. I hope it will be useful!

Soundmit and Faselunare have just created the definitive software for drawing the UI of your musical instruments and it’s free!

We finally announce the release of the first software produced by Soundmit in collaboration with Faselunare.
Synth Panels Designer is an extension for Inkscape 1.0, the well-known open source vector graphics software.

Synth Panels Designer is the FREE and Open Source software thanks to which you can design the User Interface of your instruments in a more precise, fast and creative way.

You can create custom panels or using main standards without worrying about the final dimensions. The following standards supported at this time are:

Eurorack 3U, Eurorack 1U, VCV Rack, Moog, Dotcom, Buchla, Serge, Loudest Warning, Fracrack, API500, 19 "standard and Hammond for guitar pedals.

Over 140 parameters to build your User Interface for both software and hardware.

Endless combinations to create knobs and sliders but above all for the creation of professional grade scales which have always been a crucial point for hobbyists and professionals in the sector.

Download the extension now from the Synth Panels Designer website and don’t forget to join the dedicated facebook group and like the page to get the update!

If you need help to realize your project, Faselunare can help you, from the wiring diagram to the prototype to the production!
If you have a project to promote, bring it to Soundmit, the next edition (the 10th) will be on 14/15 November 2020 in Turin - Italy


This look incredible, congrats!
I think i already asked you on another forum. Gerbers?
Some of us make panels out of pcb fabs.
Thanks a bunch and good luck with your release!

Thanks, you can import the final svg (after doing Object to Path) in Kicad and make the gerber file.
We will make a tutorial for this in the upcoming faselunare website (at some point of the summer)